Fire Emblem Fates fan-translation calls it quits

Awhile back, we let you guys know about a Fire Emblem Fates fan-translation that aimed to give English players a translation much closer to what the original Japanese version offered. Unfortunately, the team has now said that they're calling off the translation. The only part of the project they're going to release is the support conversations.

It doesn't seem as though Nintendo is the reason for this project coming to an end. Apparently, the people working on the project just got burnt out and decided to call it a day.

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Tue Mar 22 16 03:49pm
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And nothing of value was lost

... that was... rather quick. o-o
I wasn't really interested, but still, they gave up really quickly.

I guess the game being a big success is probably one of the reasons why they figure it wasn't really worth the effort.

And I mean some of the text they provided to show the difference between their version and the official version really wasn't in their favor.

Tue Mar 22 16 03:49pm
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And nothing of value was lost

Tue Mar 22 16 03:51pm
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Surprisingly, being told you're not enjoying the game you bought properly isn't enough to maintain people's interest. At least Project M was able to capitalize on impatience for a new game to come out.

Well, when Project M got popular, the impatience had not set in. It was because people wanted a competitively fun game to play. Even party smashers who played it got attracted to Project M for its feel and quality. It really stood on its own.

Tue Mar 22 16 04:06pm
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I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

I have a feeling still that something similar to Project M has happened, regardless what they are currently saying.

Tue Mar 22 16 04:09pm
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Weren't these guys the self proclaimed true professionals that can do the job better than the treehouse amateurs?

Tue Mar 22 16 04:55pm
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One key difference is that Treehouse gets payed a living wage for doing this.

Tue Mar 22 16 05:20pm
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Which is what makes them the real professionals and these guys the amateurs

It was you who called the Treehouse guys amateurs.

No, he was trying to express that the fan translators were being smug with their feelings that the Treehouse team were amateurs. Not that he personally believed that they were amateurs.

A fan-translation of a game that was already released in English was cancelled due to lack of interest? Didn't see that coming (I'm being sincere here, I thought the translators would be more persistent, even if they didn't receive much support). It's not like Mother 3 or Ace Attorney Investigations 2 where the game isn't being released outside Japan anytime soon (if ever). If you really wanted to know the differences between versions you could just go look on Serenes Forest or something to that effect.

Awhile is not a word, by the way.

Awhile is a word. It's an adverb.

Oh, I didn't realise. Having looked it up, I see it is, but RMC still hasn't used it correctly.

Tue Mar 22 16 04:46pm
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After going to the serenes forest forums, http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56220&page=94 I think the team is going to palm off the project on someone else by the look of it. Not sure if I blame them, it's not like it's one game there translating, but in fact three! Well all I can say it's a little disappointing, but I will wish good luck to who ever picks up the baton.

Update.... Looks like they've brought new people on, and the translation is back on track.

And for the people that were happy that they saw it was canceled, let me remind you that the people that do this work, don't get paid for their service, and that they also do this for many games that will never get a Western release, which is rather exceptional as they are literally doing what Ninten-don't.
So even if you're not interested in there translation, have a little respect for their work, instead of acting like smug NOA lapdogs.

Probably realized that treehouse actually did a good job. My jaw has dropped many times at the complaints towards the localization.

Treehouse didn't do a good job though. They chopped out large swaths of dialogue and replaced them with ellipses. So instead of a translation of several paragraphs, we got "..."

To be specific, they did that with 14 lines in a single C support, between two assassins. The rest of the support chain was left intact and worked fine without them introducing themselves to each other, the change was consistent with their characters, and it was funny. It's maybe not the choice I would have made, but it's not doing a bad job.

That was one support conversation that could only be possible in revelation in a cast of 70 characters. Cringe worthy complaint for such a massive game with thousands upon thousands of accurate dialogue.

After spending a few seconds laughing, I can't blame them for quitting. There is probably a lot of dialogue and such to sift through when you combine all the versions of Fates. And considering that there is already an official English translation and they aren't getting paid to do this, them deciding that it ultimately isn't worth the effort isn't all that surprising.

Yeah, they were wasting their time on it when we already have a localized copy. If anyone thinks the original NEEDS to be read in it's pure form, they should do the hard work of learning Japanese themselves instead of waiting for someone else to do the hard work of translating it more literally.

they should do the hard work of learning Japanese themselves

That's a bit of a crass comment, I mean seriously not everyone has the time, money or ability to learn a foreign language. Hell, if it was that easy, there wouldn't be a need for localization team's to begin with!

Not everyone has the time to do a literal translation of a Japanese game for free either.
I mean, if you think you're too good to play a localized version of the game then go satisfy yourself and play the Japanese version.

Not everyone has the time to do a literal translation of a Japanese game for free either.

Yes I get that, there busy with jobs and school, whilst not getting paid for it, and certainly I would not hold it against them to move on to other things which they deem more important. Now am I a little disappointed, sure, is it the end of the world?, not really. These things happen, they chose to start this project and in doing so offered a genuine alternative to the localized version, which got people's hopes up. Grunted this probably put unnecessary pressure on them to complete their work, but then they decided to call it a day out the blue, that's why the work they have done means I will not be ungrateful for their efforts, but it is a shame they didn't finish.
But with all that said, your comment about people should learn Japanese if they don't like it, is still flippant and unnecessary.

I mean, if you think you're too good to play a localized version of the game then go satisfy yourself and play the Japanese version.

That's not the case, I do not think I'm too good to play the localized version, but I'm not a blind fan boy who will defend every decision and action they take. That's why I'm not going to support what treehouse has done to the game, my intention is still to play the Japanese version, even if the translation job isn't finished, I will just have to make do with what is available.

I may sound critical of those wanting a literal translation... But I'm just looking at reality here. If you find the localized edition unacceptable and there is not a team of translators willing to cater your request, then you are only left with teaching yourself Japanese. Heck, you could even share your notes with like-minded players.

Or... You know... Just decide that the localized version is acceptable.

Yes I could learn Japanese, even though I don't have the money or time.
And yes I could buy the localized version, even though that would be breaking the principle of excluded middle.
Or I can do as I planned, and purchase the Japanese version and use the fan translation which is now back on!

Nah I think Nin ninjas stopped them in their tracks & w/supermetaldave64 doing some extended time in jail (w/o telling us the real truth) just goes to show Nin is really taking action this year very hard! That's why ppl should complete a project b4 they even talk about it.

The underlying problem is that most people don't seem to get how translation really works.

Or more accurately, they don't get how localization works. Despite what people want to think, different cultures have different sensibilities. Also different things can mean different things to different people.

An anecdote to illustrate Boodestroyer's and my point: In college, a friend of mine did a concert solo. After he was done, he walked towards the professor waiting back stage. The professor made the "OK" symbol to silently express satisfaction of a job well done. The friend, not being American, was confused and wondering what he did wrong as that symbol was a very rude gesture from his native country.

Yes, I get that there are people who can understand things in the culture it came from, but not the average person. So Nintendo does need to localize it into the culture. If someone really needed the true version, they can play the original Japanese. Maybe something Nintendo may consider in the future is supporting a "translated" version as a separate option from the "localized" version - but if I were in business, I'd see that as wasted resources.

Ahahaha, so much for the 'better' translators. Yet another bunch of whiny, self entitled gamers that went ahead of themselves.

Well at least they clarified that the patch to uncensor the game it's still coming so I'm happy.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna make my own fan translation, and there's gonna be blackjack and hookers.

In fact, forget the translation!

This makes me happier then it probably should. A brilliantly high quality game being called out by a bunch of hacks thinking they can do better. Guess they were wrong. Really really horribly wrong haha.

I love that to the Japanese purists, the only possible way someone could like Treehouses' work is if they are an NoA lapdog fanboy.

Everyone is suppose to bow down and respect the work of these random smug quitters (who will likely never finish their translation regardless who else they bring on,) but we aren't allowed to respect and appreciate the work of a translation team that has been doing an awesome job for years and years?

On top of that, and even tough I am fine with the official localization, I've followed Team If's progress. I like to try and be well informed when I form my opinions. In fact, I don't believe they have made much tangible progress at all. What I have seen for samples hasn't earned them much respect and they've acted like drama queens throughout all of this (and that is a shared opinion among a lot of people interested in their work.) I could keep going right up through to the way they handled this "cancellation announcement" but it isn't worth it. The point is, Treehouse has gained my respect over the course of a couple decades. I can remember seeing names like Bill Trinen, Nate Bihldorf, Leslie Swan, etc... in the credit rolls for N64 games, but having no idea who they were. Here we are 20 years later and they've actually EARNED respect.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to disrespect Team IF, and I'm happy they are doing something that makes them happy. Anyone who tries to put them up on a pedestal, though, and act like people owe them what they aren't due, are just being ridiculous.

Everyone is suppose to bow down and respect the work of these random smug quitters (who will likely never finish their translation regardless who else they bring on,) but we aren't allowed to respect and appreciate the work of a translation team that has been doing an awesome job for years and years?
Who here said you weren't allowed to like the localized version that NoA published?

Wed Mar 23 16 10:22am
(Updated 1 time)

I guess I should qualify that as: "aren't allowed to like the localization without being called out for being a lapdog, fanboy, or blind apologist." (Sorry, I thought I made that clear within the context of my whole comment and following my opening statement, but I forgot this is the Internet and everything gets taken out of context!)

My point being, the NoA localization teams have amassed a massive body of work over the course of many years. That body of work has gained them the respect they are shown from a huge segment of gamers, like myself. So, to dismiss that as just Nintendo Defense Force crap, while insisting others show respect to Team IF because they are doing something for free that they've admitted there isn't much interest in, is beyond silly to me.

Believe me, I know I can like whatever I want, and I do. If I didn't, I wouldn't be as old as I am and still be a Nintendo gamer.


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