Nintendo denies reports of Wii U production ending

This is usually how Nintendo works when it comes to Nikkei reports. Nikkei gets some inside information and runs with it, Nintendo says it's not true. That's what's happened with the reports from earlier today concerning Wii U production ending. Nintendo has addressed the Nikkei report and stated, "That report didn't come from us."

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Yeah, I'm sure it's "business as usual." Uh huh.

Tue Mar 22 16 10:52pm
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it's not like those laws are enforced , but if they were , nintendo would have to reply in some weird way. It's all fun and games until ......

"That report didn't come from us" doesn't necessarily mean it's not true. Still, I did think it would be pretty early for them to end production completely, even if the home console NX will release this year. I could be mistaken, but I think GameCube production overlapped with Wii production for a bit, and I know Wii production overlapped with Wii U production. I guess we'll see.

Wed Mar 23 16 10:44am
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Read one short paragraph of news doesn't necessarily mean you know what Nintendo said.

Here's what Nintendo said: “From the next quarter and thereafter as well, production [of the Wii U] is scheduled to continue.”

Tue Mar 22 16 11:09pm
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Nintendo: No, now get a life.

It must also be noted that news outlet also said had the rep say "Nintendo will continue making hardware units for this fiscal period and beyond." So there, the rumor is dead. Go back to playing Zelda or Pokken

"That's [Nikkei's report] not an official announcement. We plan to continue production through the rest of the year."

From http://www.engadget.com/2016/03/22/nintendo-says-its-not-stopping-wii-u-production/

Notice how they say nothing about 2017. They just say through the rest of the year (2016).

And that's an issue how?
2017 would be a 5 year run, which is the norm for the majority of Nintendo consoles.

Actually this probably refers to the fiscal year, which I believe ends March 2017.

Kind of funny they're not ending Wii production when there's an earlier article saying they're ending Wii U production.

At this point I still love my Wii/U & Idc if they stop production of them because I already got the games I wanted on the U w/a few upcoming ones later this yr for the final nail in the coffin (Fox, Zelda, & BloodStain). But if they do add some love this E3 for U then they better be ones that catch my eyes, if not then just the 3 I listed.

Oh, someone updated the title. I guess that makes sense. ^_^;

Happens with every Nikkei article.

Whatever you say, Nintendo.

What do you expect them to say? News like this only drives down sales. Of course they would deny it, what business wouldn't.

"No I did not shoot that man." Whatever you say, Defendant.

Oh Nikkei, you're being a silly liar as usual.

Oh yes definitely, it's Nikkei being a liar, not Nintendo doing damage control as usual.

Yeah, Exactly!!!!!!!

When I read these reports, yesterday, I was definitely saddened; but, then, I thought back to my second job working for a games retailer:

This past holiday season, we couldn't keep a Wii U system in stock...largely, because Nintendo all but ceased sending us new systems. Throughout the end of December and most of January, we never had more than four new systems to sell, at any one time.

Now, we're facing the same problem with the New Nintendo 3DS. We've been completely out of the XL Black and Red models across the entire region for nearly a month, now, in a year when the 3DS is seeing some fantastic games launching.

I don't think that this is a Nintendo-wide problem, however, as both NOE and Nintendo in Japan seem to be overflowing with systems and support from the company. Nintendo of America has consistently been nosediving, for the past few years, providing fewer services, fewer announcements, and less device support than their sister companies. As someone who grew up in the NES and SNES era, where NOA basically ruled the U.S. games market, it's disheartening to see how small their presence is, now.

Good attempt on damage control, but the damage is already done. Most sites never flagged the original story as a rumor, and I doubt many will issue updates and followups. This, combined with the flat lining sales, is causing a huge PR disaster for Nintendo. Many people in twitter has already written off the NX based on Nintendo abandoning the Wii U.

The Wii U has a problem at SEGA Saturn proportions.

Problem at SEGA Saturn proportions?

I'm sorry, but you're being igorant about both the Wii U and the Saturn situations here...

The Saturn sold around 9 million... Wii U is around 13 million and still counting.

The best selling Saturn game sold 2.5 million, with 4 games selling over 1 million... On the Wii U, the best selling games sold 6.7 million (and still counting) and it has around 20 games that sold over 1 million units (and it will have more this year).

I am specifically referring to SEGA cutting off support in order to focus on their last-ditch-effort that was the Dreamcast.

Yay!!! Wii U is not going anywhere! Woot!!!

If you read the Nikki article, it says that production would stop by the end of the year.
If you read the Nintendo announcement, it says production will continue through the end of the year.
I really don't see that much of a contradiction, therein.


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