Nintendo stays quiet on rumored NX controller leak

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Nintendo has been dealing with all sorts of leaks lately. Either the security at Nintendo is getting a little lax, or the internet sleuths are doing a fantastic job. There have been all kinds of leaks pertaining to Nintendo, and in the last few months, almost all of them have been spot-on. It's been a rough time for Nintendo, and if the latest NX rumors are true, one of their biggest secrets just went out the door.

Are the rumored NX controller images the real deal? Has Nintendo suffered yet another leak of their projects? We won't know until Nintendo is good and ready to officially unveil details. Even when approached about today's rumored NX controller leak, a Nintendo rep said, “We have nothing to announce on this topic.” Not the usual 'we don't comment on rumors or speculation', but still the same idea.

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Apparently, it's fake according to an unnamed person at NoE

If they came out and took down all the rumors, this would pretty much confirm them as real as far as I'm concerned.

In this day and age, with social media being widely available to everyone and everyone having a high quality camer ain their pocket, it is simply too difficult if not impossible to keep an iron grip over confidential projects that a lot of people are interested in.

All I know is that I'm getting hyped and I can't wait for the inevitable flip-flops of the naysayers.

I wish Nintendo had just revealed the NX by now so they could release information on their terms.

That wouldn't be beneficial. The general public doesn't know anything about these rumors, but they do pay attention to E3. Most people will first see the NX at E3 even if the rumors have leaked everything the system has to offer 2 months earlier.

IMO, most mainstream media would at least somewhat cover an NX reveal, regardless if it happened at e3 or not.

I don't think so. Most people find out about systems from official marketing campaigns, not rumor mills. I think its in the best of Nintendo's interests to make a grand reveal at E3 no matter what has been rumored and leaked before. I mean, are you saying that it would be better if they made a half assed reveal because someone leaked something? That's terrible mentality.

I mean, are you saying that it would be better if they made a half assed reveal because someone leaked something?

Not at all. What I meant was, I wish Nintendo had already had there official reveal event of the NX like Sony did with their PS4. They can have a grand reveal event at any time they chose. No reason to restrict themselves to E3.

Ideally, the console was revealed early this year along with their big launch title. Additional software was revealed at E3 and then the NX launch in the Holiday of 2016.

Not sure if you understand that if they were ready to reveal the NX now, then that would mean that the entire process would have started earlier, and as such you would get the leaks earlier as a result. What you are proposing wouldn't change anything.

I think what Blade_Master is suggesting is not that he wishes that EVERYTHING about the development of the NX had happened 3 months or so early, just that Nintendo would have revealed SOMETHING by this point. If it's launching at the end of this year, or even early next year, they would assuredly have something to show right now if they really wanted to - and it would put all these rumors to rest. If I remember right, they revealed "Project Cafe" at least a month before E3 and that was with the prototype controller (circle pads instead of the eventual thumbsticks). They could certainly do something like that this time around as well, and I imagine they will, especially if any of these rumors that keep coming out begin to get closer and closer to the truth.

What did Kotaku expect? Them getting invited to Nintendo HQ showing to see the NX itself?

Guys, seriously. You're really forcing this. Of course Nintendo wouldn't react to this, because if it is fake, it's not relevant to them. Can you imagine if Nintendo reacted to every fake leak out there?

Now, I'm not saying that this is fake, heck, I don't know, but considering my Nintendo history, if this was real, some representative at Nintendo would say something like "We have nothing official to announce yet"

They definitely wouldn't respond to rumors. Most companies actually have a 'no response to rumors' policy anyway. Unless a rumor is just really negative and they want to calm down their customers or something.

Wed Mar 23 16 04:11pm
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They announced the reveal for 2016, so far for Q1 it's as if it doesn't exist. I don't understand the silence for the early part of the year. They might have controlled the flow of unofficial NX news by already announcing when the press event would take place, make a creative tease out of it with Kimishima. They've left the NX discussion up to whomever wants to produce a bit of rumor. In the era of comments sections it's difficult to just pop out of nowhere and expect the audience to have waited with their surprise and delight like its the E3 of yesteryear

Is there a "new" leak or are we talking about the "You Will be amazed." Picture? Cuz if ne1 believes that they haven't followed Nintendo before the Wii U... Nintendo has never followed the designs found on their patents...

There were two more separate images posted

If its helping more ppl out there understanding what NX is or will be then Nin might see this as word of mouth by the Nin fans to help the hype for NX much like how Wii got off the ground by the net craze. Nin is like let them help us spread the NX around so when E3 arrives there will be a lot of ppl waiting to see what we have in store.

It doesn't surprise me that there is so much leaks considering that the system is due to launch this year. Nintendo usually keeps everything within a close circle of devs! Then announced their hardware the year before release giving 3rd parties less time with the system. I think because they want to have a shorter schedule this time to prevent the competition from copying their concept.

I think the controller is real. I do however believe it to be a concept and not the final design! It'll be an interesting few months to e3! Being a Nintendo fan at these moments is like Christmas when your seven years old!!! It pure magic!!!

I can't wait!!!

Nice idea. A fake with two phases. Suddently it seems possible it's not a fake. Although it is.

But it's Nintendo. They would have removed the source material already.
And this controller costs too much in production, because of the screen. And i can't see the huge benefit of such a controller. It looks awesome, that's for sure, but i can't image that this controller works just as well as a standard controller, because of the missing buttons.

Just gonna throw this out, but the reflection of a tree and the Swedish keyboard points to a game studio, owned by Ubisoft: https://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1199996&page=26#post199016280

...Are you being serious?... It's a tree. A friggin' tree.

Wed Mar 23 16 10:02pm
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Don't underestimate trees:

These were fake, someone just took the patent picture and made a 3D mock-up of that illustration. The patent was really not about the finalised design of a controller, it was just about one new idea for it. It would be highly unlikely the inked patent drawing would reflect finalised design details of their NX controller. Also imagine to develop games interfaces around a screen like that, it would be an extremely impractical shape to make good design for. Besides that it doesn't really look like the kind of comfy design for all audiences that Nintendo would pull off... The mock-up was done pretty well though :D

I think it's just a prototype.


You have to wonder if these leaks were staged to gather reactions before the reveal.

Maybe to go back and make changes, or figure out how to buffer the negativity at the actual reveal.

Companies have been known to voluntarily leak stuff for various reasons. I could totally see Nintendo doing this.

I have a theory about UFOs. They don't exist but the government LOVES when people talk about them. If they're busy thinking about aliens they're not looking at what's really going on and the truth is probably pretty mundane. People don't see spaceships, they're seeing experimental planes. It's like that famous poster says... People want to believe. With all the Nintendo leaks happening lately they're all too happy for the hoaxes... It's just muddying the waters and making us believe the wrong things... Or just not know what to believe.

I mean sometime, the most efficient way to create buzz and anticipation is not to communicate on your product. So you might be right there.


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