Miitomo website removes mention of western March 2016 release

As you can see in the image above, the mention of a March 2016 release has been removed. What does this mean? It could be that there are issues popping up and they want to take their time to fix them. Another possibility is that Nintendo is waiting for the upcoming update to be released. Either way, let us hope that we get an answer soon!

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Fri Mar 25 16 12:14pm
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Yes. I believe the 'T' in 'T27Duck' stands for 'Troll'.

Fri Mar 25 16 11:59am
Rating: 3

Nothing short of incompetence on Nintendo's part to not have this app launched in North America by now.

Are your posts always so negative and critical?

Yes they are. I was looking forward to trying Miitomo, but this is hardly the end of the world. Perhaps they changed their decision in order to market it better, for instance to launch it after the E3 presentation or something.

In June? That's AWFUL marketing.

Said the expert marketer *rolls eyes*

Looks like common sense in marketing is out the window.

"Let's make it very public that we're releasing this game in March worldwide! The Japanese version was released without a hitch... LET'S WAIT MONTHS BEFORE RELEASING IT EVERYWHERE ELSE!"

That's a dense marketing tactic that just makes a company even worse off than they already are

Fri Mar 25 16 12:14pm
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Yes. I believe the 'T' in 'T27Duck' stands for 'Troll'.

I'm curious what it said, since it's been reported and I can't read it anymore

Figures. March is almost over, they would have released it already if that's what they had planned. Hopefully April will turn out fortunate.

...come the hell on, Nintendo. If there's some weird hurdle keeping you from giving us this correctly, then maybe you should've planned it.

This is ridiculous. It's another case of pokebank and flipnote.

What makes you think they didn't plan it? Planning is difficult and a huge deal for every company out there. Perhaps they figured that releasing the app right now wasn't the perfect timing. Stop acting like spoiled brats.

You seem kind of salty regarding criticism of Nintendo.

Yeah really, I don't see a reason to be a jerk because people have a legitimate reason to complain about Nintendo.

You seem to not be following my posts at all. I am one of the biggest criticizers of Nintendo on this site.

Fri Mar 25 16 12:33pm
Rating: 1

I don't really follow any posts or posters, yeah.

Well, maybe you should look up someone's history before criticizing them of being a salty fanboy. I like to think that I am a very healthy fan. Nintendo has let me down time and time again, but this matter is not an outrage at all. Surely, it's not a good thing that they didn't deliver on their late March release (assuming it's not going to be released on March after all), but it's hardly a big deal. Now if they delayed Zelda U for a 3rd time, I would scream bloody murder.



I know but it was implied ;)

Then kindly stop whining at US for having a complaint at Nintendo

Calling them incompetent is not a complaint, it's self righteousness.

You're also being a huge hypocrite.

In what sense? Perhaps you don't know what a hypocrite is?

"I complain about Nintendo all the time. Wait, better berate these people that are also complaining about Nintendo."

Context is important. You can't just make blanket statements like that. I am not implying that I know better than Nintendo and that they are dense.

Fri Mar 25 16 02:43pm
Rating: 3

Or how about you both stop trying to be such huge forum warriors and just ignore each other?

Except that there were critical problems in both Pokebank and Flipnote that they told us about well ahead of time.

The video still says 'end of March', though.

I wouldn't mind that. But I'd rather have it released next month if it means the app is more functional.

Well, you guys are lucky. If I remember correctly, Sweden isn't even getting Miitomo (yet) at all, hah. ^^

Does Sweden ever get anything on time?

Veeery rarely, it seems. Hell, we did not even have Club Nintendo after 2007. Sad So many points, wasted.

Fri Mar 25 16 12:21pm
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Weird how people that were stating that they have no interest in this app and think is bullshit now complain about it being delayed.

Clearly different vocal groups.

I see a lot of the same names everywhere I go complaining about both sides. You'd be surprised how many people like to complain just to complain about something

Note that none of the complainers here mentioned how much they wanted to play the game. People are just against delays, especially since Nintendo is starting to look like "The Delay Company" at this point, with almost every release getting a delay nowadays. I can imagine people getting tired of that, even if they didn't have a personal interest in the game that's getting delayed. It paints a pretty bleak picture

My opinion is that with the release of the Japanese version they may have found some issues that they want corrected before the release worldwide. Such as the potential issue with cursing within the app

I bet they also think the American audience would think it disgusting to be petting your mii's head

Could we at least get My Nintendo before then? I can't imagine they would hold off on it for an absurdly long time, since I'm holding off on buying a few VC titles until the service launches so I can earn gold points from it. I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Let's hope said notice is less of a delay and more of an immediate release.

I second this! At least let me have some Gold/Platinum points for the soon-to-be-ended launch discounts for selected games... *cough*Mutant Mudds*COFF*

Fri Mar 25 16 01:22pm
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This literally is nothing to be concerned about.


I think they're seeing a free game that is a small time sink and they have no intention of supporting it with money.
Remember, just because people download it, doesn't mean they really support these things. It isn't support until they pour money into it, and I'm sure around 95% of the people here who downloaded it won't pour a single cent into the game

"Remember, just because people download it, doesn't mean they really support these things."

It's the Impression that they get from it though. They see 10 million downloads, and they think "Wow, people like this? Maybe we should make more of the same". or "Why are we wasting our time and resources making quality games when millions of users are happy with just simple/generic/superficial customizations?".


Fri Mar 25 16 02:32pm
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lmao the way they have been going w/all the censoring & word filtering in their games, our western release of Miitomo will be watered down. All the stuff in the Japanese version won't translate over to us WATCH! I signed up for it & now I'll just wait until someone does a review about it to see if they censored it before I download it, smh!

I am excited for this app!

This is just a phone app, nothing to be really excited or disappointed about. Mobile phones shouldnt be the focus of nintendo, mobile games will never be as consistent as other games and 99% of them are forgettable.

The speech bubble is back! March release!


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