Fan creates series of Metroid tribute levels in Super Mario Maker

The super creative Super Mario Maker levels continue, this time with an entire Metroid-themed lineup of stages. You can see from the advert above that this is a pretty serious undertaking for just one fan! Hit up the link below to learn more details on the project.

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Mon Mar 28 16 01:46pm
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OMG! This is mine! I was literally just googling for Metroid and Mario Maker to find somewhere else to show my ad, and I was scrolling through and was like... wait a second, this one is recent... OMG. lol

Thank you whoever found it and thank you for the article. Give me any feedback you want about the ad or the courses, I'm GoNintendo exclusive here. lol

I'll give these a try. It looks pretty interesting. I just love when people go through so much trouble to show how passionate they are.

Mon Mar 28 16 02:06pm
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Thank you! I spend a lot of time on all my courses. And aside from the image editing for the ad, I had to learn to draw Samus from scratch originally for Miiverse. She's got some pretty tough little details, lol.

I had time to play a few of these. Really nice. I envy some of the design choises and whatnot you made. And while some things went over my head, that I just know are great Metroid references, it all looked very nice. ^^

I sorta hate you now, though, cuz' I just miss Metroid so much. :c

Anyways, great work. Though I could not beat that Infinite Loop level (by the time I had to play), hah.

Mon Mar 28 16 03:13pm
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Awesome! Thank you! I miss Metroid too! METROID NX, PLZ HAPPEN!!!11 lol

I try a lot to think about multiple scenarios the player might go through and tested all of these a ton, but you know with Mario Maker it's always different perspectives. If you have any specific questions I can give tips.

You are very welcome. XD And yes, while I much look forward to Federation Force, I soo want a 'proper' Prime title for NX. Sigh. Maybe some day.

Oh, and no worries, I fully understand, I doubt it is your design that made it hard for me. It is clearly a tricky level, I just didn't have the patience or time to complete that one at this session, haha. XD It felt like an Infinite Loop, and I could not find the proper way. I don't think I have any specific questions right now, but I shall add you on MM and play some more of your levels next time. Smile

Thank you!

Mon Mar 28 16 04:10pm
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Yes! Some day soon! I see Federation Force as warm-up for the main game coming soon. Believe!

I hope you get around to trying again and playing them all. I honestly didn't intend any parts to be an "infinite loop" althoough if people have had a similar experience in Super Metroid like I have, it involves a lot of going around in circles around the whole map for hours, so maybe having that observation is a bigger compliment than anything else, lol.

And thank you for adding me, I've put a lot of work into my courses and there's a good variety.

Indeed, I do believe they have good plans for a mainline Metroid eventually. Smile

Ah, well, one of your Metroid levels felt like it. :s Maybe I just missed something obvious, hah. I shall try again once I boot the game up again. ^^

Oh, and you are very welcome. ^^ I've put hours into my levels as well, so, do feel free to check those out when/if you want, of course. XD You can find a recent one in the Mario Maker thread on here, and while that one is not really a super one (it is a short, simple one I made because I discovered a silly thing when I made it), but some of my other ones are good in my opinion (have over 1500 stars, so, people agree!). So, try sometime! XD

Links for convenience:
1 https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/E2C2-0000-0090-0724
2 https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/7F24-0000-009C-D6AA
3 https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/1793-0000-00AA-6A62
Key Mission https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/C8B2-0000-0204-15C9

Some detailed feature notes:
The trilogy shares a main area from a resaved file, and in each part you can access the entrance to a new Sector. The first two include memorable areas I hand picked out of the screenshot maps for Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion and closely recreated to fit into the courses. The third one includes a recreation from another game, but it's a secret. Spoiler:


And Key Mission includes a small segment of the Talon IV Overworld 2 theme in music blocks I used the sheet music to make.

Mon Mar 28 16 03:01pm
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I am REALLY impressed with the amount of effort you put into these courses and the advertisement! I shared them on the Facebook Super Mario Maker group, and bookmarked for playing soon Smile

Thank you so much! I really made them for myself as much as anyone else. Since the time I first made the earlier ones in the game and put together this advertisement a few days ago I can really tell people just flock together for the love of Metroid. If I get this sense so quickly making this fan tribute, Nintendo surely has got to know it even more, right? I hope so.

I'm a Metroid fan, so I'm going to have to check these out. I do wish SMM had some more music choices, though.

Mon Mar 28 16 05:30pm
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A job well done! Admire the creativity

Thank you! I posted this to reddit two days ago, and now I have articles about it on two major Nintendo sites. Wasn't anticipating this much appreciation. People really love Metroid.


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