Miitomo blocks rooted Android users

We aren't quite sure why Nintendo made this decision, but it seems that Miitomo is blocked for users that have rooted Android phones. In order to use the app, you'll have to do a few workarounds to get it to boot up. Quite a few people have found out about the blocked app the hard way, it seems! Thanks to DiGiTaL for the heads up!

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Poopty, but consistent.

Likely, it's to stop people from cheating as easily...the mynintendo rewards could incentivise people to cheat the system.

It's kind of weird that this is coming up only now, after about 2 weeks of Japanese Miitomo. Perhaps Japanese Nintendo players are not Android hackers?

No, I think I've heard something about this when the japanese version came out. Maybe it just wasn't reported here.

This is such a stupid decition honestly. My phone came rooted and unlocked by Motorola, so Im basically screwed with Nintendo/ Pokemon games.

I guarantee you your phone did NOT come rooted from Motorola. Root access is something you need to hack the android OS for. Not even Google's Nexus devices come prerooted...that would be dangerous as malware could easily infect such a phone.

Your device did likely come unlocked however, which means that you can bring it from carrier to carrier without issue. Is your device not working? Did you root it yourself? If you didn't root it, and it's not rooted, and it's not working on your device, then that would be the first I've heard of it not working on a non rooted device. What model is your phone? If it's an older model, it might be that your phone does not have the technical specifications required for a smooth experience.

Well I'm Fkd! It seems my android is not supported, ty Nin.

Yeah...I'm pretty unhappy with this decision.

I use my root access to make my phone run better. Most games don't even let you cheat because you need internet access to run, and it relays the info back and forth to make sure everything matches up.

That's how it should've been done.

Thu Mar 31 16 02:22pm
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Way to cut off a good portion of your audience there, Nintendo.

We don't even know why they've done it yet.
Let's not assume they don't have a valid reason before we've got an explanation.

Hell, for all we know, this might just be an oversight.

They did it to spike ppl. I bet they have their own smart phone coming out & ''look everyone we got our very own smart phone so now U can download Miitomo on it which U couldn't on your old smart phone which is free but now you'll have to upgrade just to play it''...

Nintendo's a console maker, not a smart phone maker.
They aren't going to go to the lengths of becoming a cell phone provider, with all the contracts and cellular towers that that would require.

Assuming Nintendo is doing this to "spike" people is just silly.

I was unhappy with the decision too. Nintendo is new to mobile though, so I'll let it slide for now. Hopefully, they'll listen to feedback.

FYI, like most of these "root checks", it's easily bypassed. If you already have xposed installed, it takes one second.

Found about it the hard way myself, got pissed, then googled it and found out that an easy solution to bypass it existed. Now it works :P. Tends to freeze on me though, especially after a friend's Mii leaves my house, the game hangs.

Thu Mar 31 16 07:58pm
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Well I have an unrooted Oneplus X (which is near-stock Android to boot) and I can't even see Miitomo in the store, thanks Nintendo!

Edit: Going to the store through my browser instead reveals that it's my country (Sweden) Nintendo hates, not my phone specifically. THANKS NINTENDO!

I don't even have a smartphone and I'm successfully playing it and surprised at how much I like it. Nintendo should not only open it up for to whoever this effects, I'd buy it as a game on NX.


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