Miyamoto gives insight into original StarFox creation, how StarFox Zero came to be

- with the original StarFox, the devs wanted to make a game with polygons & also have it be something everyone could enjoy
- since Shigeru Miyamoto did like to draw anthropomorphic animals as a child, he asked the designers to start drawing some
- when Miyamoto saw a fox character design, he loved it and told the team to go ahead with an all-animal cast
- the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine was also an inspiration
- this shrine has a lot of gates, which makes you think of the “gates” the player goes through with the Arwing in StarFox
- StarFox Zero came from an experiment with dual-screen gameplay
- the team took Star Fox 64 as base, added the new controls, and changed pretty much everything else
- the name StarFox Zero was chosen due to all the new elements in the game
- this is the first time in a long while where Shigeru Miyamoto himself was Director
- Miyamoto finds the kanji for zero (rei) pretty, so he decided to put in in the title


Reading this makes me wonder what the StarFox fanbase thinks. On one hand it's based on one of the better games from the franchise, on the other the controls are changed though this time instead of making it more accessible it feels like trying to make the game more complex.

I do wonder how it'll stack with the other games in the series. Though at this point it's pretty clear the comparison would be. Which StarFox game it's the better origin?

So the gamepad is just everything in first person view? Probably don't even need to play with the TV on then?


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