RUMOR - Zelda Wii U also on NX, character options and more

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I'm hoping for a unique character to be the female lead because in general I'm just not a fan of gender swapping previously established characters.

And secondly having two separate leads could open the door of having different paths and different interactions with characters which in turn gives the game more replay value.

Fri Apr 08 16 01:24pm
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Didn't we all pretty much expect that the new Zelda game was coming to both Wii U and NX ala Twilight Princess on both Gamecube and Wii already? I know I sure did. I mean that's the real reason why the game was delayed in the first place. So they could get the NX version up to speed with the Wii U version. Not the whole "time to optimize and perfect the game" shtick. It seems so obvious to anyone who really just stops and looks at and assesses the situation. They're not going to spend all this developmental dollars on this next Zelda game only to release it on a system that they are pretty much ready to wash their hands off because of it's small userbase and failure to become widely excepted. They'll still release it on Wii U as to not piss off the fans who invested in the doomed system but also use the game to try and drum up support for their new system in the process. 2 birds 1 stone and all that.

Yeah, it was expected since NX announcement/Official delay last year and basically confirmed on MetalDave's legit leak. That part really isn't news, and I hope there's no one surprised by it.

Seeing how they made Linkie, I wouldn't find this as a shock as Nintendo is trying to get more females into gaming. If so there will be a lot of females trying to get their hands on the new Zelda game if it lets them play as Zelda, Linkie, and Impa ect. About the getting both games, I believe the only thing will be different is the graphics & no special exclusive stuff if played on NX. Because it will make Wii U late owners mad if they find out there are exclusive on the NX one.

Well one more month to go!

Fri Apr 08 16 01:35pm
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Too bad she's just saying crap people have been parroting blindly for months on forums. Seriously, the "rumors" she's spouting are clearly tailor made to pander to people's preconceptions of what they THINK is going on with the game. And that's before we get into how Rogers' track record has been bottom of the barrel for years now.

These are all really disappointing rumors for me. I don't need a girl link. I don't want voice acting. It should honestly just be NX exclusive at this point so it isn't being held back by older hardware in any way. I hope none of this is true.

They started development years ago on the Wii U, so of course they won't start from scratch and do a NX only game. Plus Nintendo mostly keeps its own promises, so it's only natural that this will release on the Wii U.

I absolutely think it will still come to Wii U even if there is an NX version, but I just wish it wouldn't.

Why? I mean how much did that affected Twilight Princess.

I think if anything is just the Wii U version which might buckle kinda like GTA V did with previous consoles. I seriously don't think given the current install base versus and initial launch one it'll be smart to put all the eggs in a single basket. Especially since Zelda doesn't sells as much as Mario.

The Wii was only slightly more powerful than the Gamecube, so it's not like Gamecube held back its vision. I also wish NX was the target platform even if there's a Wii U version. The NX will probably be significantly more powerful than the Wii U, and I wish the game was designed for that first and foremost. However, that might very well be the case. There's a chance the Wii U version is inferior in every way and they just release it because they promised to. We'll have to see.

Fri Apr 08 16 09:42pm
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But the controls and camera. And bloom and artifacts. The speaker and other different minutia.

I don't question Nintendo will prefer perfomance over visuals in the Wii U version. That's all I ask, since I don't think it'll be that much different... Maybe in 4k. Other than that it'll be as enjoyable for me.

I thought I'll be bummed by TP HD but it's still a fun game. I suppose it's just subjective opinion and tastes from each one. I mean I don't think it'll underperform on the level of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

At most make you install some patches like Xenoblade X.

I quite honestly have no idea what you are talking about. And I really doubt NX will be 4K. It might be able to render in 4K but not with decent framerate if the visuals are any good.

Then it'll run at 60fps. That would be something. It definitely changes more an experience than added particle effects.

Wii U version will be 720p and NX 1080p, not sure about framerate.

Sounds like a good compromise to me. Though not a good selling point for them IMO.

Well I sure hope the NX version also has some better visuals, it won't only be a resolution improvement. At the very least it will have some larger textures and perhaps improved particle effects, shadows and other shader effects.I also hope the NX version doesn't release a lot later. I don't want to double dip.

Oh now that's an idea I could see Nintendo doing, given Smash 3DS.

But who knows, I do think they could delay the NX. Since they need to have all set for launch, and this fall is gonna be very crowded.

Voice acting....I don't know how I feel about that. Xenoblade Chronicles quality voice work? Hell Yes. Xenoblade Chronicles X quality? No!!!! I really hope that they don't mess it up with the usual sub-par English voice actors.

Nintendo did state that it would be different in the same way OOT was. They need to become more influenced by modern open world games like Witcher etc... I love that you can choose male/female. I think this helps the player become more connected. I am even more hyped for this title. Ill be getting the NX version...Itll not be visually amazing compared to the WiiU version but it is bound to have better frame rates etc.

except the witcher doesnt have a character creator.

also the sex of your character is provably unrelated to your connection to them, studies have been done on it, and im sure that at some point youve gotten lost in a game with a character of the opposite sex.

tll not be visually amazing compared to the WiiU version but it is bound to have better frame rates etc.

where are you even getting this

    VOICE ACTING?? YES! And it's honestly the best way possible. Link should remain mute. Hope it's true.

    Kind of annoyed with the whole "we want a female Link option!" trend, but hey, as long as it's optional and in no way effects the story, find by me.

    Not a a fan of the duel NX/Wii U duel release. Told my self I wasn't getting an NX until a year or 2 down the line after the disappointment of the Wii U, but as long as the NX/Wii U versions remain the same beside graphical capabilities, I'll be cool with the Wii U version.

Being on NX is obvious, having voice acting is nearly impossible, and creating your own character is only going to happen if nintendo actually listened to their western players, which i doubt.

Rumor 1: Fair enough.
Rumor 2: Cool. Don't mind either way.
Rumor 3: ...*Disappointed sigh*

(I've got a long and rambling reason why I'm not too fond of that but general gist is I feel for one Zelda had a lot of charm in it's ability- or lack thereof on occasion- to convey WITHOUT flat out telling the player via VA what they're feeling. There's a degree of subtlety that could be lost and I always found it special.)

Wait, Female option? Still named link? Sounds like there is something wrong there.

Why do people want a female link? I would rather play a game where Zelda is an actual usable character than a damsel in distress...

Link should remain the hero of legend.

ZeldaU being also an NX doesn't need a rumor. It would be a completely stupid move on Nintendo's part to not release it on NX at this point.

I wonder if Zelda's gender will change if you change Link's [AKA I can't see a female Link being let to save Princess Zelda]?

A far better idea of than being able to turn Link into a girl just because, would, I dunno, be allowing the player to also, for ONCE, play as Zelda herself. She IS the namesake of the goddamn series, after all, and the only time she's ever been portrayed as really strong and a hero, for the most part, was in the old Zelda cartoon and Valiant comics. Give me some version of THAT Zelda to fight alongside Link, instead of being a background character of needing to saved?

That's something I can buy into, big time. And as a character, she deserves it.

Voice acting? Nah I'm good. I had enough of NPCs spouting the same annoying lines every single time I'd come anywhere near them in Skyrim. Text is just fine with me.

NX Port? Well, I've already shared my feelings about that repeatedly in the past. It's absolutely unnecessary. NX SHOULD, by now, or rather, hopefully by the actual NX launch in 2017, have had plenty of time to have both a new Retro Studios game AND the next major 3D Mario ready for launch, possibly even Pikmin 4, depending on what Nintendo is actually planning to do with that game. Slapping a port of Zelda onto it, instead of just letting Wii U have it all to itself as that last big "hurrah" game, seems extraneous and pointless.

Pretty funny. The chick is collecting the most popular rumors and she can say she is the most reliable Insider with the most reliable sources. All of these rumors are known, so, we are all Insiders now? It's even more entertainig to watch Liam Robertson fail with every rumor he spreads. Anyway, this is a hit or miss for Rogers. There is a high chance for her every one of these rumors turn out to be true. And then she can say she is the reincarnation of Nostradamus!!!!!!111111

Rumor 1: Almost as old as the Whiskey I drank last week.

Rumor 2: Ok, as a girl by myself, I don't mind a female Link but I would not choose her. As long as Nintendo is giving me a choice, I'm fine. By the way, I like Linkle, but that does not mean the Franchise desperately needs a female Link.

Rumor 3: Yes, about time. As long as Link don't get a voice, this is the way to go for the Series.

I am rather curious why "Being able to be Female Link" is the biggest megaton of the series' history in, apparently, forever. Like the WHOLE fandom somehow yearned for Link to just be female since day one.

Yet nothing gets said of the other two main characters, odd.

Like, is making Mario female going to change something anytime soon (and I mean Mario himself, not just replace with Peach)? Cause it feels like a good chunk of Zelda fans feel genuinely this way.

These rumors seem very easy to come up with. It's like anyone could've predicted them.

I hope all of this is true. I'd love to play as a female Link. And having voice acting for all characters except Link would be fantastic (long overdue, but great nonetheless).


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