RUMOR - Zelda Wii U also on NX, character options and more

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Fri Apr 08 16 11:42am
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This all sounds great, if true. I think Emily has a good record so I'll trust her.

Agreed. I'm going with female if we have the option and voice acting for everyone except for Link sounds like the perfect compromise. I hope it's all true.

Glad to see Emily back in the open. Of course it's just rumors, so I'll keep some salt in hand.

Those do sound like nice things for a Zelda game to have.


Let's not bait anyone, please.

None of this information would surprise me at all if true. Incredibly excited for these prospects. Emily Rogers obviously doesn't have a 100% track record or anything, but there are times when her "sources" are correct. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Notice how she didn't say "Male Link: or Female Link". I bet if the female option isn't a girl version of Link, and instead a different character, people will get mad. I don't know why, but they will.

Probably because it's a reasonable thing to get mad about.

Why? You still play as a female character. Plus, what if it's Linkle? It's somehow not good because it isn't THE Link?

Linkle's fine. Besides, isn't her story that she thinks she's the reincarnation of the hero of time? They could make that work.

It would be bad if they made Link(le) some generic WRPG self-insert who revolves entirely around customization, as opposed to an actual character.

Maybe youre being cissexist? maybe sometimes link is born as a male but had a female soul, ever think about that?

course not, you just want to force a gender on him based on your preconceived notions of what makes a man and what makes a woman, you dont even have room for a third gender, how unprogressive.


Did you respond to the wrong comment? I didn't say a single thing that you're accusing.

Yes, Why? Why does the female character also have to be named Link? I would rather have a female character with an identity separate from Link.

When did I say the female character had to be named Link?

You said it would be reasonable to be mad if the character wasn't a female Link.

Sun Apr 10 16 02:44pm
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Yes, as in the character should be Link (the hero of time, just like in all previous Zelda games), as opposed to a generic WRPG character whose only defining trait is whatever you customize them to be.

I don't think you made that clear in your first post.

Well, that was my intent.

Yet the last thing says "everyone talks except Link".

Fri Apr 08 16 01:05pm
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I know I'd prefer to play as Zelda rather than "Girl Link" (or even-girlier-Link, as it seems to be). People have convinced themselves that they are entitled to nothing less than a female link, so I bet you would be right about people being mad.

Fri Apr 08 16 11:55am
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I'm just dreading the inevitable backlash to the mere option of having a female Link. You know, even though it's a silent protagonist and games like Pokemon have been doing it for a long time.

Fri Apr 08 16 11:56am
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"I confirmed it with a ton of people."

Then I'm sure she'll be more than happy to list the people she got his info from so we can confirm that she's not just making crap up for attention.

If she listed them they would mostly get in trouble or fired

So then if she can't back up her claim, then why give her any spotlight?

I want to see facts, not something that I could make up on the school playground.

Anyone can go on Twitter and claim anything and say they have "sources".

Fri Apr 08 16 12:48pm
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Correct, which is why you have to take people's track records into account. Legitimate rumors, whether these are or not, are leaks which break NDAs and could get people in trouble and even fired. You'll never get real named sources with a leak. Therefore, you only have the credibility of the person who the information was leaked to and whether you trust her (in this case) to have vetted the information herself before releasing it.

Because she has proven to be relatively credible in the past and we all know she has real connections with Nintendo. What's your problem, exactly?

so we can confirm that she's not just making crap up for attention.


Not only would doing that get the potential "tons" of people in hot water for breaking NDA, Ms. Rogers would likely be black listed for breaking the trust of those who gave her the info, making it harder to get scoops next time.

It wouldn't be worth it for anyone in the long run.

For now, just take this with a grain of salt, and let karma do the rest.

Yes because this is TOTALLY how every leaker works. She's not even the only person with sources. Plus there would be lots of trouble if she said her sources.

I guess I'm getting an NX then.

If any of this is true then:

I hope the NX is compatible with the Gamepad or the NX controller has same options in some way.

- But what would be sweet is if the male is Link and the female is actually Zelda with two sligtly seperate stories/places etc, but still close.

Oh terrific, so not BC but now i have to buy a new console to get the better version. Super lame.

Where does it say NX won't be backwards compatible?

Nowhere, but don't start defending it for not having BC if it doesn't Smile It will be x86 so if it most likely won't have BC.

I'm definitely torn on NX having BC. If Nintendo can add it without too much consequence, then great - but that's the million dollar question. I think if they want to look like a strong competitor again to the (sadly) large chunk of the market that only cares about raw power and third party games, they need strong hardware at a good price, and they need to really kiss the asses of third parties to get software on there from the get-go. Even if it costs Nintendo at first, it'll be worth it IMO in the long run to build a strong reputation. I love BC, but at this point I don't think they should add it if it gets in the way of making the system as powerful as it should be.

They won't be able to add BC without a hefty bump of the price. Despite the PowerPC on Wii U being somewhat old, the fact that it's not mass produced anymore potentially makes it more expensive than newer hardware. They would have to cut costs somewhere else to balance it out. I am not willing to give up anything to have BC. I hope people are reasonable and understand that BC comes at a cost.

"Better version", I don't know what world you live in, but there will almost definitely be very little difference. It isn't like the NX version will be better, just slightly cleaner looking, at best. That's how ports like this work.

TP on Wii wasn't better, except aiming. In fact, it was missing control options and was graphically the same more or less.

So if there was only "a little difference" , why bother making 2 versions of the game? Why doesn't Nintendo just make a version for Wii U and have that version be BC with NX?

"Don't know what world you're living in"...spare me your attitude.

First of all, backwards compatible means it would work backwards on Wii. I know what you meant, but that isn't what BC is. I bet the Wii U version WILL work on NX, just like TP on Gamecube works on Wii and TP on Wii works on Wii U. So what difference does it make if they make two versions? Buy the one you want and quit getting upset about minor differences.

Second of all, because that is how they get money out of stupid people. People who think it matters. Expand sales by selling it to people with Wii U & selling a port to NX buyers that they will convince themselves is the better version so they can justify buying NX at launch so as to not have the inferior version even though they are the same aside from minor tweaks.

They don't need to make two versions. There is no reason. They may not even actually be making two versions, but if they do, it is solely because they want to maximize sales. Just like how the Wii version of TP sold so well on Wii and not Gamecube, because "oh my god, motion! New system".

It is because Nintendo is a business. They do not care. It is literally that simple. That is why.

Also, what are you worried about being better? Graphics, a few extra polygons that don't change the game? Controller differences? You really think whatever potential changes would be significant enough to really make the game "better" on NX?

I think 1 copy of the game thats works on both systems (with increased graphic quality the NX) is all thats needed. If thats the case, so be it.

Not saying it isn't.

In fact, that is originally how they said Twilight Princess was going to be (buy for Gamecube, get enhanced on Wii) and they have done it with other games too.

However there is a more likely chance they will not do that.

We also don't actually know if NX will be backwards compatible yet. If Nintendo follows current trends, dropping that in favor of power & cost would be one of them.

Only time will tell.

I'll bet the female is Linkle.

Fri Apr 08 16 12:29pm
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I kinda hope not, the whole point of Linkle was that she thinks she's the legendary hero, when she actually isn't.

That's true of the HWL Linkle, but this would be another Linkle, who could be the reincarnation of the hero.

Or, the story could be different if you're playing as a male or female character. Which would also incentivize playing the game as both.

I hope not, Linkle feels like a fanfic character despite being somewhat nicely designed.

Fri Apr 08 16 12:14pm
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Voice acting megaton! Finally! Choice of gender for Link/playable character is also nice.

We still don't know much about Zelda, but it's sounding good, and the world looks good. I skipped out on Skyward Sword, but I'll probably have to get this one day on the NX.

Fri Apr 08 16 12:17pm
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" I skipped out on Skyward Sword"

To bad :/

One of the best.

I stopped playing my Wii by the time the game came out. I was sick of motion controls at that point. It's a shame as the game's art style had me really hyped before release. But I moved on from the Wii, and I'm not that big of a Zelda fan to go back.

Fri Apr 08 16 12:38pm
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Personally I think SS was the prime of motion gaming (on the Wii at least). Such immersion is rare in gameplay.

Couldn't agree more. Skyward Sword is one of my favorites. The motion controls felt like the promise of the Wii finally realized.

"The prime of motion gaming" is a great way to put it.

...Now you made me want to play it again right now!

Uhm... Sure, no prob§ ;)

Go play it then. Know I will soon! Smile

Outside of probably the first couple times playing Wii Sports and the first time playing Excite Truck using it as a wheel (both for the novelty really), I don't think I ever had a real positive experience with motion control. So, prime of motion gaming doesn't mean much to me.

Try Zelda: SS, and come back to me then!

Fri Apr 08 16 12:17pm
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Didn't MP3C have voices for the character except Samus in 2007 alteady!

Anyway, I have waited a long time to get my wish in zelda and this could explain the long wait (one of many reason).

BUT then I wonder if the character will only speak japanese, only english or both?

Fri Apr 08 16 12:23pm
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Nothing too terribly surprising or upsetting here.

However it also sounds too much like what numerous people want to hear.

On paper is hard to tell. In execution. We'll see.

Sounds like every rumour and most trendy discussions, yes.

I hope this is true! It would all be pretty neat.

Awesome shit if true. Keep the male as Link, but the female can be whatever dumb name they come up with.

A female link ! No. How about they just make it an option if any of this is true to play as Zelda for once, in a main line game. And as for the game appearing on both consoles, well I think we all figured that one out, months ago .

Fri Apr 08 16 12:29pm
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I can also post stuff to twitter.

"The NX will only play games in black and white!"

Really, people believing this rubbish... just like the last leaks/rumors. None of it is true.
I believe it ONLY when / if it's confirmed by Nintendo. Not some "source" claiming to know stuff, because they don't.

I hope the girl option (if this is true) is Aryll, and whoever you don't pick still appears in the story, kinda like how it works in Pokémon.

Fri Apr 08 16 12:35pm
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I doubt they'll make a tie in with Wind Wakers story. Aryll is only part of that game. A female Link would be Linkle (Hyrule Warriors Legend) or or someone completely different.

Still I have no reason to believe any of these rumors.

But this Link could also have a sister, and if he did they'd probably call her Aryll again, is what I'm saying. Of course it wouldn't be the same one from Wind Waker.

Fri Apr 08 16 01:33pm
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Maybe it's just a voice swap. The character is very androgynous. :P

Fri Apr 08 16 12:34pm
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Surprised and happy to see no one here really railing against a female Link.

Providing the rumors are true, it's a good option to include. Better than making a whole new character.

That said, I do think it would be neat to one day make a game that centers around Zelda, or makes Zelda a playable character. But given this game was in development when some people started demanding an option, I imagine just making a female version of Link was the more realistic option.

I also really hope the voice acting rumor is true. The series has been needing this since at least Twilight Princess. I kinda hope it utilizes some sort of Hylian language though.

I agree, I'm not against a female Link (or Linkle) but with The Legend of Zelda series having a plethora of established female characters (Zelda included) it wouldn't be bad to have a game where you can play as Zelda.

I agree as well. All though I am fine with the idea of a female Link, I'd rather just skip making Link's gender optional and just play Zelda herself. She's got too much going for her as a character not to at this point.

So, voice acting, but you still have to read everything every character says because it'll be in a fake language? Wouldn't that be a huge waste of development money and audio space?

Kind of a neat idea, though!

Tue Apr 12 16 12:39pm
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It's been done before. The Panzer Dragoon franchises utilizes a unique language for most of its games. It can lend a unique flavor to a world. Voice tracks need not exist purely for the purpose of not making gamers read. Imagine if, in subtitled Japanese games, they removed the Japanese audio track. You'd have a bunch of people flapping their gums and no words coming out. That, to me, is the main issue with Zelda games not having any kind of audio track these days. Personally, I have no issue with reading.

On top of that, Nintendo wouldn't need to record multiple voice tracks for different regions. ;)

I completely forgot about Panzer Dragoon! And, you're completely right. My comment was pretty short sighted. I actually have no problem with reading through a game's story, either, I just (probably wrongly) assumed that that was most people's issue with Zelda not having voice-acting.

Also, recording only one audio track would actually be a pretty cost efficient and smart way to do voice work for a game. I wasn't really thinking of it in that way. I was focused on versus no voice acting at all.

I thought it was a neat idea to begin with, but I wasn't sure how practical it was in the sense of 'would it fully address the requests from the fans that want to see voice acting and thus be a good use of the money invested in doing it.' (I didn't communicate that well at all, haha) But either way, now you've sold me on the idea!

I don't mind Zelda with text and I don't think I would mind Zelda with voice acting, either. I'm pretty easy to please! I think this would be a cool idea and it's sort of right in the middle (and could definitely help build up the world of Hyrule.)

Fri Apr 08 16 12:45pm
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If it is Link/Linkle than I get it (as Link is the link between gamer and game), but I want it to be Zelda/Sheick/WHatever with a twisting story... But that's me, I guess.

EDIT: Would also be nice to have a tile for the game...Or a very blurry art work... Do the hype thing! Smile

I've never been so excited (femLink) and then so immediately brought down (full VA) by a rumor. I hope the voice acting is in Hylian and not English.

Also I did want Link to just be a girl in a game, like canonically. Or at least more gender ambiguous (like more than usual). But the Pokemon route is fine I guess. Maybe story-wise it's like you're playing through the Legend of Zelda and nobody can agree if the hero in this legend was a boy or girl.

I honestly hope this is true. I don't think there would be a better way to launch the console that with an amazing Zelda adventure. I can't wait. I also hope there is a new 3D Mario title or Mario Kart 9 at launch.

i dont know why,but every time i read someting about a "female link" article or news, the only thing i said is "no please, you already have zelda, make her playable"....because it feels more like pandering to certain demografic that is very VERY loud in today´s world.

I will be fine with the idea if the female playable character is Zelda or Linkle not just a "female link" (linkle its more that another link)

Fri Apr 08 16 01:03pm
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