The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - comparing NA/Japanese secret text

I'm sure most of you know about the hidden Cukeman dialog in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Have you ever wondered how that dialog compared to the Japanese version? Let's take a look!

English Version

Hey Mon!
You know me, I like short names the best…
It can display millions of polygons!
I definitely need it, as soon as possible!

Japanese Version (basic translation)

I just figured “well, why not”, y’know?
Nothing really…
Yeah, I know.
Already got it, actually.
…That concludes this collection of R-Moto-isms.
It has absolutely nothing to do with the game!

Wondering who R-Moto is? Turns out one of the devs on the game was Masanao Arimoto. Sounds like a perfect nickname for that person! Looks like the English localization took the same idea behind the original Japanese comments, but the localizers went with dialog that was spouted out by various team members here. Thanks to Clyde for the heads up!

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And then you have the german version which advises you to always use a condom when having sex.

And I swear to the three goddesses, I'm not joking.

Tue Apr 12 16 03:54am
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Nie ohne Kondom!

Back then me and my friends weren't excactly sure if that meant what we thought. But it did :D

I now wonder for the first time if the translators assumed the monster was a dick with eyes.

If you ever met C. M. Moyse in person you will be shocked what he as the head of localization (and the Club Nintendo magazine) put into games before he quit when Pokémon was released.

(The R-rated version of Secrets of Evermore still slumbers on a cartridge in his shelf at his publishing office)

Please send me a PM :D


Unfortunately, they edited the "Nie ohne Kondom" quote in later Versions, making it more family friendly. Well, it's the Nintendo everyone knows.


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