StarFox Zero steelbook - more pics

Star Fox Zero Steelbook

Now that's some pretty fancy packaging. I'm pretty damn jealous of you, Europe! Might need to import one for myself!

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Thu Apr 21 16 03:10pm
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Wow, im kind of pissed now.
I was under the impression NA had a steel book too, but this post had me look up an unboxing, only to find you get two big wastes of plastic in a paper container.

Why is NOA so incompetent?

Nintendo is far from the only company whose American branch has failed to offer a steelbook option whilst their European counterpart gets one.

In fact, it happens all the time.

Thu Apr 21 16 03:35pm
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I don't see the point in this steelbook since the game still comes in two individual boxes, Wii U style, that will look better in a collection.

It's not very useful. An artbook or a air wing amiibo would be better as a bonus.

Or maybe they could give you a DVD with that anime OVA and a CD soundtrack to put in this steelbook.

I'm a huge fan of steelbooks....I don't know why hahaha If I see an opportunity to get one I usually do... Funny story: I ended up with two copies of The Force Awakens. The steelbook from Best Buy and the blu ray available everywhere. I had to have the regular copy so it matched the rest of my collection....sad I know...

NoA is dirt cheap. They don't care about their fans anymore. America has gotten too expensive to do anything anymore, so they need to save money by giving us BS things. But in the end, the game is what counts...(BS!)

My steelbook was scratched and the paintwork on the Arwing wasn't perfect either.

Why do US releases of games almost never have steelbook options? I'd rather have lots of nice, sleek steelbooks than clunky, fatter plastic cases.

Can't wait for my SteelBook later today. I only have the Project Zero Wii-U, Xenoblade X and Witcher SteelBooks right now, witht he Fire Emblem one coming. If only I started collecting them earlier...

I'm not interested in getting this game, but WHOA, that's a nice looking case.


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