Nintendo releases 'The History of StarFox' infographic

I can't believe it's been so long since the original StarFox came out. I remember playing the game like it was yesterday, but as the graphic shows, it certainly wasn't yesterday! Just a tad older than that!

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Dear Nintendo,
Please, please, please release the original Starfox on the Virtual Console for both Wii U and 3DS (new). I am throwing my money at you because I will buy it for both.

They cannot rerelease SF1 or SF2 on VC due to licensing nightmares with the FX Chip. One of the lead developers from Argonauts (Now Q-Games) said so himself last year when discussing the cancelled SF2. The only way we would be able to get a rerelease of those two is if they made a port from the ground up that used the native hardware to replicate the appearance of the FX chip (Like Yoshi's Island GBA did)

I wonder why they left Guard off the image.
Hopefully they'll be able to release Starfox 2 some day.

I played the original yesterday. I still can't finish level 3, I always die in Macbeth....

I like the Fan Made Infographic WAY better.

Another Half Hat Effort courtesy of Nintendo.

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