Nintendo patent for U-shaped exercise controller surfaces

- filed in Japan on October 16, 2014
- patent titled "Training Implement, Training System, and Input Device"
- saw an international filing on September 18, 2015
- patent was published yesterday
- some form of exercise controller/system incorporating sensors for load, acceleration, gyro and temperature

Looks like another idea that Nintendo had for something Wii Fit related. Perhaps this was for Wii Fit U, since the controller is shaped like a U! Maybe the idea was put on the backburner once Nintendo saw Wii U wasn't selling all that well.

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I... hope nothing comes out of it. Looks like a cartoon magnet.

Fri Apr 22 16 03:50pm
Rating: 2

It looks an awful lot like the Xbox 360 Steering Wheel :\

3. 2. 1. Q the sex toy jokes.

Wii U's original controller.

AAAAAAAAAAAAnd People will freak out and say that this is the NX controller, and some dude somewhere is gonna make a fake 3d print about it :/

This looks like something that would have been part of the QOL system. Considering that it is dropped now, I don't think that this will ever see the light of day.

I'd say this was to do with QOL. Keep in mind it looks like something that'd be ideal to put on an exercise bike as well with the look of the handles. You could even have like a fitness monitor in there.

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