Ace Attorney 6 - Bracelet power, detective memo detailed

Bracelet Power

Apollo Justice has the ability to read a person’s habits using the bracelet on his left arm. When the bracelet reacts, it means there are lies or secrets within his opponent’s dialogue. In this case, use “perception” to try and point out the subtle changes that appear, such as those in expression or behavior. If you’re successful, a new testimony will be drawn out! When you select the bracelet on the lower screen, the opponent speaking will enter slow motion, giving you the opportunity to see through their habits.

Detective Memo

If you return to the game after not playing for a few days, and forget what to do, you may be stuck and unable to advance the story. However, in such a situation, you can open the “Detective Memo” from the “Courtroom Record” to read hints about what you should do next. Additionally, as a means of support for the player, there are also “Partner Assist” and “Backlog” features.

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