Koei Tecmo confirms development of NX software

As the tweets state, Koei Tecmo is making NX software. We don't know what they're doing or how many projects they have in the works, but at least we're off to a good start!

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This is positive news.

Some good news at least

Another reskin of the same old formula is incoming.

So Hyrule Warriors NX then?

By no means this is an absolute rule, but when announcements are made like this, it usually means that every things kicked into motion three months back, and only now they make the announcement.

And as for projects that they might be making, I'm going to take a guess and say Hyrule Warriors 2.

I think they're saying that because they were waiting for Nintendo to reveal more info about the NX. Now is good time to say you're working on the NX.

I guess that means the system will be able to deliver DLC easily.

What does DLC have to do with the system...? As long as it can get connected to the internet, that's all it needs, really.

That was a dig at Tecmo Koei, the most notorious, abusive DLC pushers out there and I'm pretty sure they give more support to whatever systems make it easy to do what they do.

Haha, fair enough, I do agree with that.

Thu Apr 28 16 05:16am
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Hyrule Warriors: Legendary Legends

Includes all DLC from HW and HWL, plus EVEN MORE DLC, including the GROOSE IS LOOSE story missions.

And still no Vaati -.-

It's unfortunate, that despite a focus on the portable Zeldas for the DLC, Minish Cap was overlooked (LA, PH/ST, and LBW are the DLC packs). The two Oracle games were overlooked, too... Huh. All three of them were developed by Capcom, too.... I wonder if Capcom owns some rights to the content of those games?

I don't think it's an issue with Capcom, one because Mega Man in Smash, but two because in the ambassador program for the 3DS included Minish Cap. Kinda like Nintendo can reproduce DKC series because it's still their IP (although there's more legal hurdles because Rare is owned by their competitor where Capcom isn't).

I'm assuming they just wanted to focus on Nintendo-made Zelda games only. Because they clearly aren't choosing characters based on their relevancy.

WARRIORS & NINJA GAIDEN 4 BABY! The rest Idk because we never got on the U. But damn it, if they bring DoA or their other high profile games to NX I'll look into them if they don't censor them. This is a fresh start so no fuck ups now Nin, show us the goods!

I'd say Hyrule Warriors is about to become a series, and we might get more Ninja Gaiden which is fine by my book.

I hope this time they add cpu help on trials like in NG2: Sigma. Even tho I beat all trials in the 3rd one, trying to find people online was like trying to find water in a desert. Also I could go for another Tecmo Bowl NX lol!

Yeah they NEED to add cpu for trials. Finding people online was a nightmare.
Also Tecmo Bowl NX? Count me in ^^

Thu Apr 28 16 06:30am
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Ni-oh for the NX please? :c

Gitaroo Man 2?? I live in a fantasy world.

That game was awesome! But short.

It's obviously Metroid: Other M 2.

*he screams maniacally as he runs out of the room*

I'm a HUGE Zelda fan, but I hope they do a different Universe like Fire Emblem Legends (although not a big fan of FE) or Mario Legends or heck give em a shot at Pokemon Rumble Legends.

Thu Apr 28 16 07:57am
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I know people get tired of Mario spinoffs, but Mushroom Kingdom Warriors would be awesome.

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. Wait and see. It's that e_e

Guess game devs are gonna chime in over the next few months that they're working on the NX platform.

Nintendo said nothing about third parties revealing anything NX-related this year [even if it's just the aforementioned].

Hoping for KH3 and Shenmue 3 NX port announcements down the road myself...!

Having those titles would boost NX's presence a lot. And hopefully getting both Final Fantasy's and some other big third party titles

Indeed. I would've counted out FFXV were the NX coming out this year, but another port to recuperate it's huge budget might be wise [for S-E]. FFVII Remake is also more likely [for similar reasons], I think.

I think Nintendo is going to try hard to get Square-Enix EVERYTHING on NX. Given that they've already announced that they would see into getting DQ10 and DQ11 on NX, KH3 (and possibly FF15) might have a good chance of being ported to NX.

Shenmue 3, though... not likely. Given that Sony is partially funding the development of it, it will likely be exclusive to PS4/PC. But hey, Nintendo funded the development of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge... and that still got ported to PS3/360 later on.

Let me know when a western dev and indie dev are developing for NX. Or else Nintendo has learned nothing from Wii U.

Hm what?
That's probably a matter of opinion but the way I see it, nintendo needs to go after more Japanese dev to secure their environment and be relevant in the future. Not western. Screw western, it's a lost cause and they won't ever follow nintendo anyway. They don't get nintendo and they're not willing to try since they're comfortably sitting on their yearly blockbuster short-sighted self-destructing business model that's tailor made for spec driven platforms.

It's a lost cause and imho ninty needs to differentiate themselves even more and continue securing japanese IPs and keep specializing in these. People have been saying for a couple years that Nintendo is slowly buying Japan. Well I think that's precisely what they need to do.

It's funny how Ubisoft managed to support Wii U far more in 2012-2013 than Nintendo themselves did lol. I think they'll need Western support too. However, if they're going to get Japanese support, they need Square Enix on board unlike last time.

It's the next Hyrule Warriors. That is a now a cash cow for both Nintendo and KT.

Hyrule Warriors 2
Ninja Gaiden 4
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Ultimate Deluxe (basically a port of a port of a port.)

I'm not expecting much from Koei Tecmo. They barely support Nintendo consoles with their games.


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