RUMOR - Mighty No. 9 may be delayed to Summer 2016, according to EB Games display

Not a confirmation until we hear from Inafune or Deep Silver, but this wouldn't be the first time we learned of a Mighty No. 9 delay through a retailer. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to see the game delayed again. You know things are bad when the title keeps getting delayed by seasons, instead of months. I promise I'll give the game a fair shake when it finally does come out, but I imagine a lot of people are so disenchanted by now that they don't even care to play the game.


So... this game has been in development for how long... and has been delayed how many times now?

Fri Apr 29 16 02:53am
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I think this makes it 6. That means 3 More delays till it's released on September 9th.

You have got to be kidding me. Laughing

How ironic would it be if the game ended up releasing after it's "9th" delay?

Til 09/09/19 he should go for it all and wait til 3009 XP

Ha ha, Wow that game is a dumpster fire.

I think thats a mistake. It should be out on summer 20160

At this point it's becoming a joke and giving off that DNF vibe. Sad. I was looking forward to the game when it was originally announced. Now it looks like it'll be vaporware basically.

It's not just the delays. It's the lack of proper communication too
Not to mention the game's single player is apparently aleady done.

I think the lack of communication is due at least in part to the vitriol / hate they got after the last couple of delay announcements.

Fri Apr 29 16 08:36pm
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Even so. Not giving a proper announcement and explanation just makes things worse.
Leaving your backers in doubt , creates more confusion and makes you an even easier target of hate

SHOCKER! I really don't see what the hold up is... at this point I will probably still buy it given the bomb Nintendo dropped on us about Zelda not making it out this year...complete and utter BS....this may be my last round of Nintendo consoles.... They haven't been making good decisions lately... NX releasing next year is fine, I expected that, but pushing Zelda U back to coincide lights a fire under my ass. I will support Mighty No. 9 just because there is nothing else (that we know of) releasing that I'm even remotely interested in.

When did this game become the Duke Nukem Forever of indie games?

I pledged sixty dollarydoos for this. I don't even care anymore.

The delays wouldn't be so bad if the developer/publisher would just communicate more with the fans. The radio silence must be extremely frustrating.

Dissatisfied backer here - I think the lack of communication is due at least in part to the vitriol / hate they got after the last couple of delay announcements. It got NASTY in the forums. GoNintendo discussion has been pretty muted by comparison lol

I backed this at the $60 tier and I've long since given up on ever seeing or playing it. The worst part for Inafune & co. is that no matter how good this game might be, it is permanently tainted -- it cannot possibly live up to expectations after so many delays. Inafune is permanently persona non grata on Kickstarter and will have a difficult time finding publishers to fund any future projects, I guess.


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