Splatoon - Callie, Marie amiibo coming, new Inkling Boy/Girl/Squid color amiibo as well

On July 8, Callie and Marie join the lineup of Splatoon series amiibo figures. Use them in-game to see fresh performances by the Squid Sisters! Also launching the same day are new colors of Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid amiibo figures.

- Available July 8 in NA and EU
- Callie and Marie not sold separately in NA
- Orange Squid only available in 3 pack in NA
- Callie/Marie amiibo will sing songs/play music for you

Thanks to J22, Rance and the_ninjadillo for the heads up!

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Super excited for the Callie and Marie Amiibo, but I wonder if the alternate color versions of the Boy/Girl/Squid will have different effects than the original colors? Hm...

Doubt it, they just look like straight up color swaps.

I'd agree, but remember, the Silver and Gold Mario Amiibo did have different effects... in Mario Party, or whatever. These could have different effects, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

The different effect was literally just that they had a Silver or Gold token respectively that made them look different.

So this will likely register the different look, but if it did anything else, I feel like it would have said.

Take my money, Nintendo. Smile

Well... they took the decency to not use E3 to announce this :D and btw they look great!

Yeah! I always thought the boy inkling looked better with dark/black skin. That dumb old one is coming off the shelf for this one.

More recolors? Oh, boy.

Man I was hoping for some new armor based on thier outfits.

Wouldn't be that tough for them to pair the old courses with different weapons again. They'd just have to create new rewards.

Don't care about the new Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Squid amiibo
SQUID SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i got two new amiibo figures to add to my ever growing collection. lol I still need to get Roy, Timmy & Tommy Nook, Rover, and maybe Waddle Dee (still salty it isn't Bandana Dee). I also gotta get Corrin too..

Can I order the orange squid from Japan and have it shipped to the US and it work like the other squid amiibo?

Probably. Accessories, including amiibo, have always been region free. I have a Japanese Robin and it works exactly the same.

Thanks Neverunplaying

I can confirm as well! Using Pac-Man and AC cards between JP and EU systems, and they do work fine for both.

Definitely getting the Squid Sisters.

Probably getting the Inkling Girl. I have Boy & Squid, so this is actually great that I don't have her, as my fave color is green.

Do kinda want the orange Squid, but I am not paying import prices or buying the 3-pack.

You might wait a few months and see what the prices are like on Amazon for imported ones. They're generally only a dollar or so more (if you have prime for shipping) than the US versions (and for many of the hard-to-get Smash amiibos, significantly cheaper actually).

Just alternate colors? That's super lame... They should give new poses and equipment.

I know. It does appear though, that they are wearing different gear then the originals. Also, a quality boost.
I haven't seen the backs of these, so I am assuming that all the details have not yet been released; If they have different back images, then they probably come with DLC extras. It's how we knew before of what kind of exclusive gear came with which particular inkling.


Sat Apr 30 16 01:15pm
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This was quite a surprise announcement at the Splatoon tournament that just ended. Will probably buy the Callie and Marie ones.

I guess the re-colors are to celebrate the 1 year anniversary too
I remember someone saying they wanted a darker skinned inkling so that's nice for them.
Like the black outfit for the inkling girl as well

Other than a handful of characters, I'm toning back on Amiibo as I have everyone I really want to use (outside of Cloud and Isabelle).

That said, I'll be getting the Squid Sisters.

Cool to finally see them, and they look nice! I'm a bit surprised that they don't provide more single player missions with new weapons (aka Slosher and Splatling). That being said, I wasn't exactly crazy about how that was handled with the original set of figures, so I'm glad these ones are offering a cute, peripheral function and not locking gameplay content behind them.

I'm so hype on this one! I'll get Callie and Marie bundle! Yes!!!

Take my monies!!

As much as I like the Squid Sisters, I don't know if I'll get them since they don't unlock any real extra content in the game. I do love the Splatoon music, so it would be kind of nice to get more songs, but I'm sure I can just look them up on YouTube and download the extra songs if I want (I already have the complete soundtrack for the game so far.) This is kind of the most useless function for an amiibo so far, but I guess people do tend to get new amiibo just to add to their collection, not so much to use them in games. I think they're too expensive for me to justify though, without unlocking something more substantial in the game. Nintendo should have had them unlock more altered single-player missions.

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