Splatoon - Callie/Marie/New Inkling amiibo pictures and retail information



  • Marie & Callie dual-pack: ¥2,400
  • Marie & Callie (stand-alone): ¥1,200
  • Inkling Girl, Boy, Squid (stand-alone) [limited quantities]: ¥1,200 each


  • Marie & Callie dual-pack: €29.99
  • Marie & Callie (stand-alone): €14.99 each
  • Inkling Girl, Boy, Squid (stand-alone) [limited quantities]: €14.99 each

North America

  • Marie & Callie dual-pack: $24.99
  • Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy (stand-alone): $12.99 each
  • Inkling Girl, Boy, Squid triple-pack: $34.99
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I know these are gonna sell like hot cakes because of the whole "Waifu" aspect. But the functionally of these Amiibo is so pointless. If I want to hear a games soundtrack I'll buy the MP3.

Two of the songs are new, not on the OST, and I guess it is also for watching the dance things and less about listening.

But yes.

I get it, but they could have done more Hero Mode stuff.

^__^ Too bad for everyone else, I already claimed Callie as my Waifu.

Do the inkling and squid amiibos do anything different than the originals?

I think they're just recolors.

If I want to hear a games soundtrack I'll buy the MP3.

And where would you buy this MP3? Nintendo, to my knowledge, does not sell MP3s. Also, why would you want the inferior lossy format of an MP3, when the superior lossless codec format of FLAC exists?

I get it, but they could have done more Hero Mode stuff.

Correction they could implement it, postfacto. All the Amiibo is, is a key really. All they would have to do is create the door for the key to open it. We got extra weapons, why only stop on music tracks and a vid? Also, what would be the incentive in buying the 3 pack, if one already has the 3 pack and these do the exact same thing?

Recolors are not a new thing, either.
Gold Mario
Silver Mario
Modern Color Mario
Retro Color Mario
Famicom Colored R.O.B
Gold Megaman

Aside from the Gold Megaman, all the recolors can do slightly different things.
Would this really be the first actual instance where the recolors are just recolors? (Gold Megaman is 3rd party and was used for an obvious cash grab, so I don't count that; it is literally a regular Megaman painted Gold.)

How come America doesn't get any stand alones for the squid or squid sisters?...

IDK, why don't you ask Reggie? And while your at it, you may want to tell him Why some consumers have to drive out of a town or three just to get a store exclusive Amiibo that may or may not even be there IF they go. Fact, tell him where all those restocks of other characters are, why you never see Kirby or Samus or Robin or Lucina in any store, even though everyone knows they exist.

I already know what he's going to say, or what his reaction to that was anyway.

You don't have to be such a wise guy about it...

Sorry, just like you I am upset about their poor(and deliberate, if I might add) handling of Amiibo too.
My passions run away with me at times and I forget there are people on the other side of screens.


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