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Rowlet - Grass Owl ftw!

And Hawaii region confirmed!

The Moon Legendary reminds me a bit of Cresselia xD

Pissed off about the week later UK / Euro release AGAIN though!

Oh joy, more of the same artstyle, visuals and battle system. Barely feels like a new generation. I have a bad feeling the dark age will continue with the casual-focused main story/post game that we've had since Gen VI. God damn you game freak, the first trailer gave me a glimmer of hope showing the series throughout the years. I could mention the glaring issues right away, from the ugly starters, hideous Sun legendary to the reuse of the same artstyle, but I think the puny region takes the cake for me.

Seems like I'll be defending my first amendment rights of daring to say something different than "bestest game evar 100/10" for the next few months...

Um. These startes look awesome. Popplio is ugly but doesn't have bad design. Litten I love! Rowlet is cute. The art style is only it's second time... Both legendary look awesome or at least fine.

What I want is more refinement. Like being able to run before you start a battle, having the pokédex explain pokémon before you catch them. Having pokémon learn 6 instead of only 4 moves. So much they can do.

I actually really like Popplio. I think it's my favorite right now.

I... don't know what to say... just.. wow. I'm sorry. T.T

Haha. Different strokes for different folks.

How do you know anything about the battle system already?

Also, the region is probably going to be pretty decent in size. The artwork might make it look small, but there won't be any reason for it to be actually small when you're traversing it.

And the design of the 'mons is pretty subjective. Hardly a 'glaring issue'.

I don't see the point in being so negative when we know barely anything about the game.

The answer is simple: Looking at the events of the past games and following a pattern. Just that glimpse of battle footage shown earlier proved that this game doesn't seem to have any major visual upgrades like the battle systems in Gen I to Gen II or Gen IV to V did. Outside of the different character proportions for the models it seems to be barely anything worth calling a "Generation".

Hold on, Gen I to Gen II was a major visual upgrade? I suppose you mean Gen II to Gen III?

Not talking about hardware shifts (Like Gen II to Gen III, Gen III to Gen IV, and Gen V to Gen VI), I'm talking about the upgrades prior games have done on their same system. Just pop in a cart of Pokemon Gold/Silver into a GBC and then put in Yellow. The difference in the color palette and sprite quality is as visible as night/day and it looks gorgeous, despite neither GS or Yellow being made only to work on the GBC (That was Crystal which had animations and other misc features)

Hm, interesting. Comparing screenshots of Red and Gold (not going to pop in those games just for this) really does show a difference. Not so much I would call it a major visual upgrade, but I do see where you're coming from

Tue May 10 16 04:57pm
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Mmmhm. I definitely am not the kind of guy who just immediately shouts the dumb "Pokemon look like digimon" argument whenever something new changes, it just seems to be that this doesn't look too impressive at all in comparison to prior "Same System new gen" situations.

Though I will admit, after coming home and watching the Japanese trailer... Oh Boy., I think that was a much better way to show off the game IMO. If I only saw that this morning before leaving for school I probably wouldn't have been fuming all day. Still am going to be very cautious though and I stand by my earlier statement of the game seeming to be more of the same and lack the "wow" factor. Not going to get super overhyped like I did for ORAS. That was the biggest letdown ever which means its better to keep my expectations in check this time.

Oh, I can definitely agree on the Japanese trailer. It did make me feel that particular feeling.
And I don't necessarily disagree with you on the graphics of this generation. It does look a bit more... polished? But overall not really a huge leap.
Honestly, my reaction when I saw the trainer character (the first thing you see in the western trailer) my reaction was... "Oh."

Well, Gen I and II looked similar, and so did III and IV, and you could argue IV and V did too.

And the battles may look similar, but that's no guarantee there will be no changes in the actual system. Obviously it's gonna look similar to Gen VI - it's on the same system. Gens I and II were practically identical style-wise as well.

I mean, you could very well be right and this gen won't do too much interesting, but it's really too early to tell.

Perhaps I have too little faith in this game and this ends up as the best celebration of the series ever. I'd love to be proven wrong but after heartbreak I just can't trust them as easily anymore.

One thing I noticed is that it kinda looked like the Pokémon will have 'entrance animations' again (for a lack of a better word.) Look at Popplio in the trailer. When it stands in front of the trainer, it makes a little pose. Maybe that's something it does when it enters the battlefield?

My first impression was that the body shape of all of the characters look different and that the environments appear to be more 3D.

Starter Pokemon look lame.

Honestly, unless they actually made the 3D not lag the game to single digit framefrates it'll be hard for me to point out any differences. The way this is going is that it feels like this is a sequel rather than a new region with new visual styles. Even Unova had a substantial upgrade from Gen IV, with better menus, new animation styles and more 3D modeling.

Not sterioscopic 3D, like the environments look to be more like a 3D game, rather than the traditional pokemon viewpoints with 3D models.

Have we seen much of the animations or menu's yet?

I do admit, rewatching it gives me a slight vibe of XD, but it's too early to be sure if that's the full direction.

As for menus, not yet sadly, but we saw a glimpse of a battle scene earlier and it looks barely changed from Gen VI. I'm hoping it was done on purpose for the trailer so the final game looks spectacular.

the shoemaker
Tue May 10 16 06:04pm
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Yeah, they could have been giving us the greater examples of the 3D viewing, we'll see. yeah battle animations look mostly the same.

Though personally, there's a lot of changes I'd like to see when it comes to the Pokemon series, and if that means they are reusing animations and not spending the time to redo 700 animations and instead working on other aspects of the game, I''m okay with that.

Tue May 10 16 12:21pm
Rating: 1

It needs a new controls scheme. :p

You have your first amendment rights to say all that, and everyone else has their first amendment rights to tell you your opinion on this game is childishly negative.

I wasn't a big fan of XY and ORAS either, but you lost me at calling some almost objectively cute designs "ugly" and "hideous" and complaining about a "puny" region that we don't even know the full size of yet.

Absolutely loving everything I see so far. What's exciting me the most is the design of the Alola Region. They seem to be moving more into a true "3D" realm and less awkward 2.5D

The portions of X and Y that were "true" 3D were just awkward and cumbersome to navigate, but this trailer makes it seem like they've learned a lot from their mistakes.

Also the character body proportions seem to be much more realistic this time around too.

Tue May 10 16 11:35am
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Every generation, the Pokemon designs look more and more ugly and stupid, like they're alien beings from another planet instead. They're running out of good design ideas.

For the Legendaries, I could agree with this. But the starters don't look that alien, right?

Tue May 10 16 11:49am
Rating: 2

The designs are just as bad as they always have been. Nostalgia is blinding you. Gen1 had some truly horrific designs

Considering that article where genwunners dominated the list of ugly pokemon, I would say that many agree with this sentiment.

To be fair, that was limited to Japan and had a very small voting population of 500. It's far from a world-wide accurate list.
Not saying that the majority doesn't agree with that sentiment. Just that you can't really lend much credence to the list of ugly Pokémon.

...Unless you're referring to a different list?

No that was the one. But yeah, it was just intended to support the idea that each generation isn't getting worse and worse as op claimed.

I'd be curious to see what you consider "good" design if Pokemon's entire history of simple, appealing, absurdly successful creature design isn't up to snuff for you.

The cat and owl look very straightforward.

Also since gen 1 there have been alien looking pokemon. Perhaps is the change from sprites to 3D models that has made it look too different from some. I mean how to surpass the shaking sprites from the original game. XD

We're getting near 800 PKMN now. You can't do the same old designs they made for Gen I anymore, that's just gonna be boring, and that's not gonna be possible, prettu much. Besides, PKMN have looked like this since gen II now. I think that's enough time to get over it.

I hate them too but they've had a few dumb ones from all the other gens too. Some just have more than others IMO. Gen I had the Diglett, Magnemite, Voltorb, Grimer and Seel lines, Gen II pretty much had Stantler and that was it, Gen III Had the Surskit and Regi trio (They look cool but feel really, really alien to the Hoenn setting. Sorta made them stood out I thought), and so on.

That being said, this is the first gen since IV where I found all the starter base forms to be ugly-mediocre... And outside of the unknown Moon legendary looking cool, I don't even know what to call the sun legendary outside of a Pyroar covered in snow.

Tue May 10 16 11:59am
Rating: 1

While I like the new tropical region and I generally think the game looks nice, I'm really having a hard time getting excited about Pokemon again based just on this. I guess I'm just seeing too much same-old-same-old throughout it, like GameFreak doesn't really want to innovate much anymore.

I guess there could be a lot of under-the-hood changes I haven't seen yet, so I'll wait to find out more.

Tue May 10 16 12:26pm
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It's a valid argument but it's also a tired one considering how it has been business as usual with this method. The games somehow continue to sell despite the game's design not really changing much from a superficial level. I mean why change something that's seemingly not broken. I mean it's not like this series has lost many fans, right?

Tue May 10 16 12:43pm
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Man that's a long time from now, was hoping for a bit sooner. But from a marketing perspective makes sense for that holiday shopping.

Tue May 10 16 12:47pm
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I'm loving the legit Tropical Region this time around.

Also, good to see the genwunners out in full force today, LOL.

Full force? I honestly don't see that many people saying the older generations were better... In fact, I see only one of them in here.

I'm referring to all over the net. Anywhere and everywhere I go I see certain individuals whining about the days of yore and how Pokemon "back in the day" was better than this "Digimon tier" trash or nonsense like that. Gave me a chuckle.

I'm seeing lots of love for the starters (mostly the grass and fire one, to be fair) actually.

So just because some of us have valid reasons for being disappointed (without being the kind who send harassing messages to the developers as a result) makes us GenWunners? Outside of a crazy love for Articuno, that definitely does NOT apply to me. I like all the prior gens in their own way in terms of Pokemon design, but so far it seems Gen VII feels "samey", and that goes for the Pokemon designs too outside of the Moon Legendary. I hoped the year long break would be to make this game WOW us with a drastic change in visuals and the difficulty, but so far it seems to look the same-ish as Gen VI and we know nothing about the difficulty in the game yet, which is worrying.

For all of you getting tired of Pokemon, I'd suggest taking a break honestly. I didn't end up playing a bunch of the games between Silver & X/Y, and I REALLY enjoyed X. I admit you don't have to take THAT long of a break, but it never hurts now and again.

But us gen 1ers are conditioned to catch em all. You know what happens when we take a break? We fall 100+ behind.
It goes against everything we stand for.
Lol. I'm actually going to pick a grass starter for the first time in my life. And Sun but more because I always get the "Red" version (even though I wanted Blue in gen 1). I would appreciate being able to choose difficultly like in B/W. But make it a choice in the beginning/in the options menu.

Tue May 10 16 04:13pm
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So there is still noticable slowdown as can be seen at 1:25+ -.-

I hope to god that was just a video effect to make the lunar vampire look cool. It's inexcusable to not have a smooth running main series game in 2016 when the other 3DS Spinoff games have been good with running smooth. I'll hold onto bit of faith before making that call for sure.

Owl thing- Very cute but, holy crap, is its typing comically bad. Weak to fire, rock, flying, poison, and 4 times weak against ice. Hoping it's evolutions make up for it.


Seal thing- And then there's THIS goofy looking mother fucker...

I agree for Rowlet... It's so cute, and I absolutely LOVE owls... but be damned that typing... T-T

... And Popplio is such a clown...

I find that Grass Pokémon have always been kinda bad type-effectiveness-wise: Defensively weak against 5 types and strong against 4 types. Offensively weak against 7! types and strong against a mere 3.


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