Pokemon Sun/Moon - High quality images of starter Pokemon

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Tue May 10 16 08:20am
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All of these Pokemon look 10 times better than Daisy's fat face. I'll go with Rowlet though.

Feeling kind of "meh" about the starters, except for maybe Litten. Should be another fun Pokemon game, though. Can't wait.

I like Rowlet. It's so cute and it's an owl! I love owls.

Tue May 10 16 09:55am
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You... I like you. We're on the same page here.

Sweet! The cat Pokemon is cute too and the sea lion is an iffy for me but I'm sure their final evolution will be cool though.

I honestly feel like I'm the only person that likes Popplio. -_-

My biggest issue with Popplio is its... nose... thing.
He has a nose on his nose, and a mouth on his nose. How does that work?

Tue May 10 16 12:23pm
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My understanding was that the pink bit its not really a nose, and its more of a organ to create those bubbles. Plus, the nostrils are on top of the snout. The whole thing isn't intended to be a giant nose. Think more like a shark and less like a dog snout... which I know is a little counter intuitive considering actual seals have noses but I guess I'm more open to liberties.

Wait, those are nostrils? I thought those were whiskers!

It's possible I guess, but hard to see with just one image like this. They just seemed really short to be whiskers IMO.

A nose on his nose? Isn't the white part his snout, and the pink ball his nose? I do agree with the mouth though... I hate how so many new designs lack a proper jaw.

Ah, the "nose on his nose" part was worded that way for humor. Yeah, it's a snout with a nose on top.

That's gonna be Sun version with Rowlet as starter, for sure.

Litten. It's already done.


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