Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle ends with double the success of the first Bundle

Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle

Total payments: roughly $1,576,000
Number of purchases: ~162,000
Average purchase: $9.74
Top three contributors: Anonymous ($300), 13AM Games ($251), Nintendo’s Damon Baker ($250)

Humble Nindie Bundle

Total payments: roughly $750,000
Number of purchases: ~82,500
Average purchase: $9.18
Top three contributors: Nintendo’s Damon Baker ($500), PlayEveryWare ($225), Choice Provisions ($200)

I guess bringing the bundle to the rest of the world was a good idea, huh? With double the success, let's hope Nintendo is open to the idea of doing this again in the future!

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So, how long do the codes last? I can't download Darksiders yet, since I don't have space on my Wii U. I need to buy a hard-drive, but until then, I can't use the code.

For my experience they last a long time, I was with a spare code on the last bundle and forget it about it, it was months later that I passed to a friend and it still worked...

I don't think they expire, so I think you can do it whenever you feel like it. However, I also think that you can redeem a code and refuse to do the download, and then just choose to download it later since purchases are forever on your account.

In fact, using the online redeem site might automatically do that for you if you don't have the space (https://eshop.nintendo.net/redeem), since the first thing it does is add the purchase to your account and then try to download it.

Tue May 10 16 08:14pm
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You can activate the code online now and it'll download onto your console when you're ready too. eshop.nintendo.net/redeem

I gave exactly $0.00 to Capcom and Ubisoft when I made my purchase.

Tue May 10 16 06:43pm
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Yeah, that's a great way to ensure that they participate in something like this in the future. I gave the lion's share to charity, but i still gave a little bit to the publishers.

Well, I already owned Street Fighter IV and Darksiders II on 3DS and Wii U. Then, they stopped supporting the consoles shortly after releasing just a handful of decently-made titles that were interesting to me.
Since they've given me no more games, I gave them no more money. It seems fair to me.

Tue May 10 16 08:09pm
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Capcom deserves the money for giving Nintendo handhelds Monster Hunter alone IMO, since lord knows they easily could have gone somewhere else for the last three releases. It's a huge franchise with money to be made no matter where it goes. It being on Nintendo is probably a bigger deal that most of their franchises.

Tue May 10 16 08:20pm
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I don't think they could.

Monster Hunter is a series aimed at the Japanese market... And what's the biggest console in Japan? The 3DS.

The game would sell a lot less on the PS Vita. On home consoles it wouldn't even make sense, since the game would sell a lot less and it would cost a lot more to produce.

The 3DS has a base of 20 million in Japan. The PS Vita has 4 million. Do you really think Capcom "could have gone somewhere else for the last three releases"?

MH4 on the 3DS, in Japan alone, sold almost 4 million... To achieve that on the PS Vita, ALL PS Vita owners would have to buy the game... C'mon...

They don't have a choice at this point. 3DS has to be on the 3DS.


Tue May 10 16 08:24pm
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You don't think they could develop for a home console... you know... like the PS4 which is selling insanely well and even is doing well in Japan? MH did appear on the Wii U after all so it's not like it couldn't be done.

PS4 has a base of 2 million in Japan. It is NOT doing well. Hell, the Wii U, which is a complete failure of a console in terms of sales, is still ahead with over 3 million. How is that "doing well in Japan"?

Monster Hunter sells 4 million on the 3DS, as I said.

Even if all PS4 owners bought the game (which never happens, even Mario Kart can only get 50% of the base), it still wouldn't sell as much as the 3DS version, not even close.

And, again, the PS4 is NOT selling well in Japan. It's selling as much as 3DS (and old console that everybody in Japan already owns), which is about 1 million a year... So in 3 years the PS4 will have a base of 5 million in Japan... Still not even close to the 20 million the 3DS has TODAY and still not enough to sell the 4 million units Monster Hunter sells on the 3DS.

And MH did appear on the Wii U? Sure, a port of an old version of the game... Even the Xbox 360 had some of those... Are you talking about those or are you talking about a real Monster Hunter main series games?

...and Capcom already got my money from those Monster Hunter games. Why should I give them any more?

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