Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing mobile apps to be free to play

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In other news, the grass is grass!

You know. It's hard to believe, but sometimes, you have to pay to get an app.

Yeah, but let's face it- unless it's a mobile remake or a licensed title to a kids network's properties like Cartoon Network, every game tends to be free with microtransactions.

I assumed as much...

Wed May 11 16 09:09am
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id rather pay $6+ than have a free to play game with micro transactions

Wed May 11 16 09:24am
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Normally I agree with this statement, but I think it can differ on a case by case basis. Miitomo for example is perfect for free because it doesn't really lock anyone out of any content besides the costumes which you can get anyway if you play regularly. If the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing apps are like this too, then I wouldn't have a problem if they were free to play :O

If you don't have an internet connection OR their servers aren't up, you're locked out of the entire app. Is that what you want from FE and AC? Online-only games that can be discontinued at a moment's notice?

Imagine if Disney Infinity released figures and play sets that required a download to use. They'd be non-functional without that data. (Much like most of Lego Dimensions.) Thankfully, Disney is such a huge company, you won't have to worry about anything crazy like my example ever happening in the next few years.

Wed May 11 16 01:21pm
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What? D:
I didn't talk about that, I just said it's not necassarily bad if a game is F2P. An online-connected-game can be taken offline regardless if it has microtransactions or not. D:
And a full-price game can be an online-game or offline-game too. So it doesn't really mean anything if it will cost anything or not :O

Wed May 11 16 10:23am
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Considering how Nintendo has handled micro-transactions with Miitomo, I have faith they'll handle these as well. They don't shove the pay options in your face like other apps I have played does...

Nevertheless, I'm super excited to have Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem on my phone. The first smartphone game I've ever played was Miitomo, but that has opened a way for me to explore the market. I've since downloaded Sailor Moon Drops, Tales of Links, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained. Smile

They don't shove the pay options in your face like other apps I have played does...

Have you played Nintendo Badge Arcade?
You have to pay 4 just to get all the 'Thank You' badges. . .
And, I'm still not sure if you have to pay all that in the same session.
I'll find out soon enough though, I payed him $2 for some Metroid badges and a few others.

Also not sure if it cycles, to where if you pay $5, you get another 'Thank You' badge.

My phone can barely handle Miitomo so I guess these apps will be too much for it. I'm not an Animal Crossing fan but it'll probably work great. I have no idea what to expect from Fire Emblem.

I was surely going to get Animal Crossing, but now I'll probably get Fire Emblem as well.

Obviously. The amount of buy to play mobile games that have generated enough revenue to satisfy a company like Nintendo can be counted on one hand.

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, will adopt free-to-play (or start) style.

Notice the term, in the parenthesis I might add, or start.
This implies, micro transactions.
It could also imply, demo start only.

This may be the reason why Kimishima did not comment on it when they asked him about it.


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