Microsoft says partnership with Nintendo on Minecraft has 'been great'

Coming from Xbox boss Phil Spencer...

You guys know I'm always a big fan when companies compliment each other and play nice, so seeing this kind of thing makes my day. Everyone is gunning for a piece of the video game pie, so why not work with one another rather than against?

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I wish MS & Nintendo would combine their efforts and release a console together. It would have all the great Nintendo software and the backing of MS with its immense financial power and 1st party tech knowledge of all their APIs etc. I can't see how that wouldn't be a dream come true for gamers, outside rabid fans.

I personally would prefer a Nintendo/Sony console. Sony has tons of exclusives that are better then any exclusive that Microsoft has. Nintendo's creative talent + Sony's knowledge of how to make a powerful console, I would be in love.

I just think that's less realistic than Nintendo+MS, but it would also work. I much prefer MS controllers and UI design though on their console.

Wed May 11 16 08:22pm
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Who doesn't love a UI designed around serving you ads.

Or pay to play online.

Does Microsoft still require a Live subscription to access Netflix?

Those who pine for Nintendo teaming up with Sony/Microsoft to attain more expensive hardware (i.e. a loss leader) strike me as children who need to get a job.

Your post makes zero sense. You would think that people with a job would be able to afford a more expensive system...

Thu May 12 16 12:19am
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Last time I checked, children can work. I got my first job as soon as I turned 16 and maintained it until I left for college. Even still, I don't have much sympathy for whiny children who can't afford their toys particularly when there are plenty of ways to earn money under the table if you're not old enough to actually get a steady job (chores, yard work, shoveling snow, helping out a contractor, etc.).

I literally have no idea what you are talking about.

ahem... Rare properties.

Didn't they try that once? SNES CD add-on whatever it was? Ended with Nintendo abandoning Sony because part of the team-up involved Nintendo basically selling themselves to Sony? ...or, something along those lines...

We might never know that NX might be that console? Nin could have us all fooled by this NX system & come out showing us what it looks like with MS on stage?!

No way, MS is not going to drop XBone support, it's doing quite well even if it's sitting at less than half of PS4 sales, that's not bad at all.

Who said anything about dropping support? It could be that maybe both systems would cross over to share games ect. At the end of the day, if Nin did decide to partner up from the 2, we all know who they would pick.


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