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Even with next gen hardware, I don't believe Nintendo will ever make their games look as good as many of these fan-man projects. I would love to have another 3D Donkey Kong game looking like this one or better.

I'm also still hoping for a really good realistic-looking, brand new, next gen Wave Race game, but until that happens, I'm praying that Aqua Moto Racing Utopia turns out well for the Wii U.

Looks really nice. Imagine this with Nintendo quality artstyle and animation.

Tropical Freeze on debug mode?

These Unreal 4 fan projects are actually starting to look much much better than when they started!

But this is what I like to think NX will be like. Having the ability to run things like Unreal 4 would help bring in the 3rd parties. Let's just see how it pans out!

Thu May 12 16 04:34pm
Rating: 1

If only Retro was working on this...

Nintendo is never going to give DK this kind of AAA treatment. Their characters can't even get into smash bros. Sad

With the exception of Diddy. Heck, some of his animal buddies could have made great assist trophies, like Rambi, and Squitter.

Donkey Kong has no Japanese fanbase, and Sakurai is a total Japan fanboy... Unfortunate.

Typically, I haven't been a fan of these, but that's an adorable version of DK. It seems like a natural evolution of how he looked in DKC:TF, so I hope NX (or beyond) hardware can provide that.

There's just something that seems off about all of these. Just like... something isn't very organic about it all.

It's just the animation, too stiff.

Because the people doing these are not artists.
They dont seem to understand anything they are doing, more than likely they just import game or fan assets and apply post effects without understand how, when, or why to use them.

This actually look amazing. It would be nice if Nintendo make a game that look as good as this, especially on the NX. But they probably wouldn't since they follow the whole "substance over style" mantra.

Thu May 12 16 07:30pm
Rating: 1

A remaster like this needs to happen on NX. Just remove the faulty and repetitive mini games, adjust the controls, add a few more levels, remove the DK Arcade requirement, more bosses, more animal buddies and segments, and add Dixie Kong to the roster, and we could have an incredible reimagining of DK64.

That sounds less like a remastering and a more like a totally new game...

Fri May 13 16 04:15pm
Rating: 1

Not really, it's like an extended remake/retelling, using the same levels, characters, and gameplay elements, while taking out the faulty and frustrating elements of the game, and replacing them with better features.

That looks very pretty! Excited to see what NX brings us.

I dont know why I ever click play on these, they are always ugly, janky trash.

To see people say this looks good makes me sad, its like youve never seen a ps4, xbone, or pc game.

Ugh... and once again, while technically impressive, it still looks like someone took two different art directions and tried mashing them together for... awkward results...

It is clear that, to be a actual, Nintendo-quality game, the animations would have to improve a LOT, and the pretty stuff would change a lot to fit with it all.

But nontherless, it DOES look pretty, and I'd love to see Nintendo try a semi-realistic DK game where you can actually see DK's fur beautifully wave in the wind. Like how so many monsters in Bloodborne have pretty fur.


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