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So basically he thinks that Rowlet will be grass/ground, Litten pure fire, and Popplio water/fighting. The way he found the information sure seems creditable

No....Rowlet will be Grass/Flying, Litten: Fire/Ground & Popplio: Water/Fighting.

That was his initial thoughts, but towards the end of the video an annotation says he actually thinks grass/ground and pure fire because of the order of the images. A comment on the video brought this up to pdwinnall and he agreed

Mon May 16 16 03:23pm
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Nothing whatsoever pinning those types to the evolutions, however. It's theory, not a leak

Mon May 16 16 03:34pm
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I'd say there is. Those icons only appear as resources in the pages dedicated to showing off the 3 starters. So I'd say they plan on using those secondary typings on the 3 starters. (we already know rowlet's second typing)

So, if we reason that those types are for sure the types that will be on the evolutions of the starters, we can then reason that Popplio is gonna be water ground or water fighting, and Litten will either be fire ground or fire fighting...which? we don't know for sure, but to me, it makes sense that Litten would be fire ground since pretty much no one wants ANOTHER fire fighting starter. But it's not out of the realm of possibility that it could happen.

The directory just is labelled Pokémon. The page is only "dedicated" to the starters because they're the only Pokémon we know thus far

I just did his steps to look at what he's pointing out...the icons are def there...I'll list the urls

replace X with 1,2,3,4,5,or 6 you'll see the various icons show up

Really hoping these are not the actual final typings for Popplio, as I want him to have a cuter final evolution than a meaner look most fighting types have.

Couldn't they just be for Pokémon they're gonna add in the future? I mean, who's to say that the next Mons they'll put on the website will be the final starter forms?
Cool find either way.

Also, I'm kinda annoyed by the click-bait thumbnail with the fake evolutions.


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