Pokemon GO - U.S. field test registration open

Pokémon GO is a real world game that will launch on iOS and Android devices in 2016. This game is being produced by Niantic, Inc. in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, and combines mobile location technology and augmented reality to create a unique game experience that motivates players to go outside, explore, and catch wild Pokémon in the world around them. Because the game involves numerous people playing in multiple countries at the same time, we have a lot to test before we publicly launch.

This is why we are asking for your help. We would love for you to - if selected - download the field test version and play it. Your regular gameplay and feedback will help us iterate, polish and make the game launch-ready.

Please note: the app is still in active development, so it has a limited set of features at the moment and there may be things that don’t work properly. We hope that you - as field testers - understand this and will work with us to make the Pokémon GO game experience truly phenomenal.

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I hope they aren't too stingy with the selection process. The more people to spread word of mouth, the better.

With that being said, I really wish I remembered my Ingress name.

They forgot to mention how it's also a collaboration with GoNintendo

Mon May 16 16 05:32pm
Rating: 1

I give it a week before this game gets blown wide open by hackers. Cause people love datamining this stuff, and based on the last few field tests, no agreement in hell will tell them otherwise.

Already done on the Japanese version of the field test.

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