RUMOR: Nintendo's next handheld is codenamed "MH" [UPDATE: FALSE]

According to Japanese financial company, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Nintendo's next handheld is being developed under the codename of "MH." Now, this is only a rumor, meaning that nothing is 100% confirmed at the moment. Even if it ends up being true, this is currently the only information available. Once more information about Nintendo's next handheld is available, it shall be posted here on the site.

    UPDATE: The following statement was made by Dr. Serkan Toto:

That Morgan Stanley Japan note on Nintendo does NOT mean a portable console or the name ‘MH’ is confirmed. They are picturing a scenario. Such ‘rich’ forward-looking analysis and also the wording is standard in investor notes. I know because I read *tons* of them.

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Tue May 24 16 08:34am
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Aaaand it's decided- Nintendo Monster Hunter it is.

Tue May 24 16 08:34am
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MH aka Mobile Handheld

That was my first though too!?! Considering the amount of gaming phones Nintendo could sell compared to just a dedicated handheld it'd be very impressive numbers. Also the rumour that their using Nvidia's latest chip which would fit into a phone nicely!!!

I'd prefer a dedicated gaming handheld. Though this would be better for Nintendo!

Tue May 24 16 09:29am
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Not sure if it would be better for Nintendo. Going from being the king of a market of two competitors to being the new guy to a market of hundreds is going to take a big effort to make them any sort of relevant.

I don't think that they will actually make a mobile phone, but I can easily see their next dedicated handheld (if they actually make one again) run android so that the players also get access to their mobile games and the rest of the android library.

Motion Hands, like the patent that shows hand gesture input

Hahaha. The first thing that popped into my head was Monster Hunter. The second was mobile handheld! Great Nintendo community minds must think alike!

Tue May 24 16 10:06am
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I don't think they would go mobile but who knows.
I'm 100% sure they will want to have MH5 on their handled though ^^

There you go, debunked.
I still wonder what the next nintendo handled will be like though. I think it is possible that the nx is both a console and a handled and that they'd go with only one machine for the next generation, but it seems very risky and rather unlikely tbh.

Tue May 24 16 10:18am
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HM and NX? A new family will arrive!

Seems like backpedaling of sorts. You don't make comments like that, especially with code names and all just for "forward thinking"

But no one is backpedaling. Only western people reported on this rumor because they can't translate properly. No Japanese outlets ever reported on this.

Tue May 24 16 11:47am
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Good! Nintendo DID say that 3DS is staying longer dice they'd only have any plans for a new handheld console yet.

Stop posting rumors from TWITTER.

Well, it would be weird if Nintendo WASN'T working on a new handheld at this point, if you ask me.


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