Pewdiepie plays Bayonetta 2 - part 1

Thanks to RikuKH for the heads up!

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Comment section should be fun.


Tue May 31 16 02:17pm
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Funny how Nintendo missed the opportunity to have him play some of their games for free because of their youtube policy, but now they probably had to pay him to get him to play one game.

Tue May 31 16 02:52pm
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He never really played Nintendo games prior to the policy change so Nintendo never really benefited from his videos. But, since i guess it's fun to imagine scenarios.. like this one.

I bet Nintendo had to drive to Pewdiepie estates in their broke down brown pickup truck and grovel at his feet while he sat on his golden youtube thrown. Nintendos patched suit looking tatty and rain water dripping of his filthy face. Pewdie looks at Nintendo in disgust and demands he kiss his feet if he want him to play an almost two year old game. Cut to a door slamming behind Nintendo as he leaves the mansion, looking lesser and violated. A single tear slowly slides down his face.

This is exactly how it MUST have happened... ugh...

Or it could be that while Nintendo's the publisher, this is a Platinum game.

uhm, didnĀ“t he said that he was never going to play Nintendo Games on his channel because the whole Nintendo Creators Program or the whole DMCA thing Nintendo does?

He did. I assume he (hopefully) figured out that Nintendo pretty much never takes down videos if you don't apply with the program, they just simply slap ads on it that can be skipped, therefore the viewers don't miss out on the content. Even though I'm a small YT user myself, I still think that the folks who only make LPs just to get ad revenue are a bit too entitled sometimes. If you want to write a review or retrospective, by all means fight for fair use, but if it's a friggin LP or walkthrough people don't need to throw a fit over not getting paid. If these folks just want to make LPs for money and not actually have fun with the game, then that's not the right mindset IMO.

Here's hoping this convinces a ton of folks to grab Bayo 2 however. It's a great game

I've wanted the game for so long, but I've been playing too much FE Birthright to divide my time even more, also low on game funds

Bayonetta 2 BEST WII U GAME!!!

What a horrible, greedy monster he is!! There's just got to be something shady about this!

At least he had the decency to acknowledge the racist comment when he made it. Now if he would just acknowledge all the douchetastic comments he makes...


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