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The boxart legendaries have some weird typings [like no part Fire type for Solgaleo or Part Fairy for Lunala?]

And that Rotom Pokedex thing is certainly interesting. xD

To be fair, since Gen IV all box legendaries have had weird types IMO. In the sense that they're not obvious just by looking at their designs.

Gen IV I'll give you [considering how out there Dialga and Palkia looked to those before, and after even], but Reshiram and Zekrom were obvious part Dragons, Xerneas could've easily been another pure Psychic [were a new type not about to debut], with Yvetal a little less obvious I think.

I'm sure it may make more sense with their in-game lore, but no Fire typing for the Sun based pokemon or Fairy type for the *coughsecondcough* Moon based legendary is baffling to me.

Reshiram and Zekrom's Dragon-types may have been obvious, but their second types are still weird.

And yeah, I agree that I expected Solgaleo to be Fire-type. Oh well, we'll see...

No fire-typing for the Sun 'mon is very surprising to me too, but the Moon one looks a little to 'evil' to have a Fairy typing if you ask me.

So, is the Orange Archipelago the Atlantis of the Pokemon world now?

It looks similar to the Orange Archipelago. . .

The Orange Islands is an anime only concept [but one that probably was loosely based off the Hawaiian islands, sure].

Love the new art style.
Pokemon is more and more ghibli-esque ^^

Main ghost legendary is awesome, even though it has psychic (Lunala). Ok, I'm officially picking Moon.

Thu Jun 02 16 01:34pm
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The thing about this trailer that gets me is not the legendary typings, not Professor Dudebro, and not even Sassy Rotodex...

it's the fact that your friend mentions "chicken skin," his animal-based idiom further muddying the waters as to whether or not real animals exist in the Pokemon world.

In the Anime, and on a couple of official art posters I've seen. Animals DO exist in the Pokemon world(just like cars). Just watch the SS Saint Ann or Pokeman land park Episodes in Season one. They have 'real' fish swimming in the sea, non of which, are pokemon.

Stupid that Solgaleon isn't fire and weak to fire wtf!
And the pokémon pokédex... stupid. -.-'

Am I the only one who noticed the enormous square beast hands on Lillie from the in-game footage?


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