Pokemon Sun/Moon, Pokemon Go to be shown during Nintendo's E3 Treehouse stream

The official Pokemon Twitter in Japan has confirmed that Pokemon Sun/Moon , along with mobile Pokemon Go will be shown during the live Treehouse stream at E3 2016. This is interesting

as Nintendo has stated that only the upcoming Zelda will be at the event. Could this lead to other games and announcements being shown?

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I kinda thought so. I think they only meant that Zelda will be the only playable game for visitors, but that doesn't mean that they won't show off other new games.

Idk, seemed like Nintendo made it quite clear when saying only Zelda. Glad this is the case though, should cheer up their presence a bit


Not sure if Pokemon Company Shoe horn, or actual additional content outside of just Zelda. Cause if the latter, Tell US When the last 3 dam smash amiibos will be available!

(These jacks sent me 2 notifications to buy the last of the Smash DLC. No! Wait a few months or till next year. You ain't gettin' that money til' I'm over the crap you pulled with the DLC shortfalls & Shoehorns.)

You're gonna have to be a little more specific. It sounds like you're just whining about DLC in general.

Can this community stop saying "whining" when someone has a complaint? It is so non-conducive to a real discussion.

Thu Jun 02 16 11:50am
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As is the very general "complaint" about DLC in a topic that has nothing to do with DLC. If you want to have a real discussion, don't go "ughhh I don't like x because I just don't" when people are talking about something else.

This post is about potential announcements at E3 and he wants them to announce amiibo. I'd rather see post like that instead of people complaining about frustrated customers.

Instead of complaining that some consumers may have legitimate issues with how Nintendo is handling certain things, how about seeing it that way:

"Nintendo has a lot to improve on. You want Nintendo systems to perform. Those complaints are very important considerations that need to be addressed if you want your favourite company to be successful. Those "whiners" as you call them are in fact the most positive force that can help Nintendo reach their full potential.

A comedian that can make unconditional fans laugh is a mediocre comedian. A comedian that can make even its critics laugh is a master comedian.

Some like to settle for less. Some like me or the good people who have responded to you enjoy a quality product and want it to be the best it can be.

Calling people "Whiners" for trying to help Nintendo is anti-constructive.

It sounds like you're just whining about DLC in general.

It sounds like your reaching, for a certain reaction from users online.

As you said:

You're gonna have to be a little more specific.

About the kind of response/reaction your reaching for with that snide comment.

You ain't the only one, either. IF a Mod PMs me about "what's going on with users(due to certain users falsely reporting me because they didn't agree with what I said who they themselves baited me on with) reporting you, again?" I Won't hesitate to reveal my findings. They've been propping up here and there, and the mods appear to be away at the moment, or dealing with a backlog.

I stayed out of it for certain users, but the intrusive ones really like to go out of their way to spark a specific kind of reaction.


Thu Jun 02 16 09:58am
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Always knew other games will be shown at E3 2016. Its just that the damage control freaks out there are making Nin look bad.

I had to read your comment a couple of times to get what you meant.

You meant, NOA PR. Or lack thereof, because, NOA PR.
Yes, current NOA gives Nintendo In general a bad, Rap(Rep?).

Thu Jun 02 16 10:38am
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Sorry, what I meant was other gaming sites that bash on Nin blow things out the water.

They never explicitly stated it would be the only game they'd show at E3.

Its good they don't because they would spoil things. They always want to surprise us & they have stated that over & over again. But at times some of the surprises are some what lacking, overall they will continue to not give away their surprises until close/on the day to its showing...unless leaks come about.

I think people just took 'Zelda Only Playable E3 game' and ran with it to mean there would be nothing else.

I was expecting a 3DS/Wii Direct the day before the show starts at the very least, but having Pokemon [and possibly more besides] on the show floor is a much better outcome.

And people were sssooo adamant that Zelda being the only "playable" game meant video form too... I always figured Treehouse was gonna kinda take over the Direct cuz everyone kept raving about the Treehouse event last year... hopefully there's more and not just those two tho...

I'm still finding it hard to believe that people really thought that only Zelda would be shown at all....

I haven't read much about this on GoNintendo, but the haters who called people delusional have pretty much vanished. They'll be back.

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. GoNintendo used to be pretty clear of those people since the posting guidelines used to be pretty strict. Maybe RMC needs to buckle down

So Mother 3 still has a chance...


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