XSEED to publish physical version of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on Wii U

I can't even believe we're going to get another physical Shantae release. Finally I'll have a new boxed copy of Shantae to go with the original GBC release!

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1) This is great news.

2) I wish a physical copy would have been an option for the KS backers.

3) I wish I had found out about this from WayForward directly instead of from a third-party news article based on the publisher's tweet.

Cool. Now get in touch with the Senran Kagura Burst publisher and negotiate a physical version of that for the US.

Hey that's cool, I might get it depending on the price ^^

Cool...am getting it from the Kickstarter on the PS4...but like to get the physical version for Wii U. Great news indeed. Smile

This is awesome!! Will be very happy to grab this if this includes all content!! (Not familiar enough to know if there's any planned DLC)

I'm a little frustrated I gave them $250 for an art book now. But I am not too upset...

Thu Jun 02 16 07:22pm
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I don't like how Half-Genie Hero looks at all, but I'm happy for the franchise. Shantae games go waaaaay back and they deserve a spot at the retail big boys table.

I don't like how Half-Genie Hero looks at all
Hm? Do you mean graphically?

Nice to see a physical version of Shantae.
I guess it will be one of the last physical game releases on the Wii-U

I guess it will be one of the last physical game releases on the Wii-U
Oh man, that's actually kinda sad to think about...

it really is sad to realize that

Make it a collection bundle of all Shantae's, and I'll give you $60 for the WiiU version, and $45 for the 3DS version. I mean, why not go all out when you have the chance?


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