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The pain of having size 14 feet, and the shoes you care about only go as big as 13...

It's Heelys and Soap Shoes all over again!

Am I the only one that thinks these designs are kind of... hideous?

Maybe I'm sort of out of the loop on what's "in", but eye-burning patterns of 8-bit characters just... doesn't do it for me.

I enjoy the designs. It's a taste thing obviously directed at a somewhat specific crowd. I myself wouldn't wear most of those things. I dress far too preppy. But as a longtime Nintendo fan I appreciate what Nintendo is doing and can see how these would take off with the pre-teen to teen crowd.

But that DK "Hawaiian" shirt...😍

Bingo. I bought the DK shirt as soon as it was up.

Got my Zelda Slip ons ordered. Agree about the DK shirt, should have pulled the trigger but budgetary constraints.

Yeah, Zelda Slip-ons and DK shirt are the two best items. I'm not too interested in an extra pair of shoes but think I might get the shirt. Does anyone know the specific dimensions on the sizes? Can't decide on whether I should order a medium or large because a lot of times large can be really large.

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