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Gee, thanks Microsoft... For cancelling not only these, but so many Rare sequels, and other original ideas...

Don't blame Microsoft. It's the Stamper brothers who sold out.

No, I will blame Microsoft, because Rare was interested in selling a share to multiple companies, but Microsoft pulled a ridiculous load of money out of their ass, and outbid all the other share offers. Microsoft didn't care about Rare to begin with, they only bought them out, in order to damage Nintendo. They also thought Rare owned the rights to Donkey Kong, which backfired on them. Still, it sucks to think that Rare could have been making games to this very day for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, but Microsoft had to be a bunch of dicks bent on taking down Nintendo, and ruining the fun for both fans of Nintendo and Rare.

Are you being serious here? Because if you are then even I might get pissed.

I am absolutely dead serious.

Ok. Sounds shitty. And I just got an original Xbox..... it's by my foot...

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