Zockrates Labs plans to release Riverside on NX

We really don't know too much about the game right now, but the footage here looks pretty unique and interesting. I'm definitely down to learn more!

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Let the NX VR rumors continue.

As a first impression I like the art design. Looking forward to seeing more.

Wait.. What? NX and Oculus Rift? What an odd pair as we still know nothing about the NX....

It's possible the game is coming to NX and doesn't have VR capabilities. If they were determined to keep it a VR game, I'd wonder why they wouldn't have gone with PSVR given the PS4 has a proven install base and there's a bigger safety net there.

Unless they thought they'd get better attention if they were there at NX's launch rather than a few months after PSVR is out,. but still... NX hasn't even sold anything yet.

Were those tree tops not finished? Everything looked like paper except them.

I like the art style they have now. Tis rather charming. So I'm curious as to how the gameplay of changing and sharing overworld textures will be in the final game.

I imagine the NX will have native VR support built in [even though Nintendo won't release their own VR attempt until it's actually mainstream profitable in a few years time].


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