RUMOR - Sonic, Harry Potter, Adventure Time & more heading to LEGO Dimensions

First up, the list of franchises rumored to be appearing in the next round of LEGO Dimensions content...

- Sonic
- Harry Potter
- The Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them
- Adventure Time
- Ghostbusters Reboot
- Mission Impossible
- Teen Titans
- The Goonies
- Powerpuff Girls

This isn't the first time we've heard some of these. We know that later this week LEGO is going to officially unveil just what franchises are coming to the series this year. We won't have long to wait to see if these are true!


Oh my god. If they really add "The Goonies" content, I'm gonna flip. That would be beyond awesome.

If you asked me 6 months ago, I'd have been all for the Powerpuff Girls, but the current version of the show is... "meh"... so... kinda on the fence, but I'll see how it is if they do it. Adventure Time, though... hell yes. They could throw a few regular sets our way, too, I'd be into that. <3

Shouldn't Ghostbusters Reboot actually read, Extreme Ghostbusters?
From the mid 90's or something?

OR, is there another Ghostbusters I haven't heard about?
It also lists TT, but somehow I think they meant TTG.

They probably mean the upcoming movie.

And now I'm sad an Eduardo Lego figure won't come to life, awww

I hope not, I'm a big Sonic fan, but I really don't want to be tempted to get another toy gimmick game. Also, I wouldn't want Sonic to be in a game with Teen Titans Go or the Ghost Busters reboot...

Honestly, I kinda hope they don't double up on franchises, FB&WTFT should really be grouped with Harry Potter, just like Ghostbusters, but especially in the same series. Now hopefully we get some other iconic IPs as well

They've got some exciting ones that I'll definitely be curious in checking out.

I've also heard rumors about Knight Rider, E.T., Gremlins, A-Team. I'd hope things like Minecraft and Angry Birds would make it in to build on the other game franchises.

With Infinity gone, I hope that means Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney will be added to fill that void.

For those asking about Ghostbusters, it's in reference to that remake that they are putting in theaters next week.

This is the first I'm hearing of it. Then again, I don't tend to watch as much TV as I used too.

They already have Lego Minecraft. Which is like, what's the Point? All Minecraft is IS Legos. With Infinity Gone, it means that SL and LD will be the next to fall. They already are showing significant signs of waning interest, and that's cause they don't "know" how to utilize the physical keys to digital contents properly. ("Know" as in, the toys are just a money grab, and the digital/game aspect is just the illusion they lull into people buying in). Amiibo has a fallback, in that even IF they do 'absolutely nothing' in most of their games, they at least look nice as figure collectables(which is, mainly why most Amiibo Collectors collect them anyway). If Amiibo were to suddenly stop, we would not be at all disappointed due to the already large collection they have put out. There may be a few characters here and there we may have wanted as Amiibos, but then again, we are running out of places to put them. We would however have no gripes for them to move strictly to card form. Much more manageable for both sides.

Agreed that Minecraft/Legos are the same concept, but with a multi-licensed title like this, there are some great mix-up potentials. Me personally, mixing Portal and Midway with the possibility of Sonic, Angry Birds and Minecraft sounds like great fun.

The thing about Dimensions is that everyone loves Lego, and they are mining deep into both random and nostalgia. Unlike Infinity, which was restrictive with properties, Dimensions just lets any license work with each other as users see fit.

And even if Dimensions tanks (toys to life will probably go the way of music based games in a few years.), the Lego toys and figures can still be used as regular Lego parts. I'm fine with the ride for now.

Amiibo are already facing the problem of having exhausted all of their potential ideas, unless third parties jump on it a la Shovel Knight.

Was at the store today, turns out the "No Ghost" has a name: Rowans Ghost.
When I asked when the movie was coming out, they were clueless, and they tend to know all about stuff like that. . .

Anyway, about the exhausted potential. They didn't utilize them to their fullest in Smash, in that you can't use them to update your OWN stats then save and carry them to other consoles & stuff to play as your beefed up char. It has So many areas of application, yet, they are just used as a money grab. They still MaY actually utilize them more properly in future titles like they have for some other games, like Splatoon. But most of it is just meaningless bonus Items. Though IF they did try something, you have other users that complain that they are locking content behind Amiibo, so they can't win at that. Why try? Just finish off the main set, and start/fall back to the Card line. Most of us don't collect them for functionality anyway, and they even know that.

Your right about the Legos though, they do make nice pieces to have If nothing else.

Wooo, go the Mission Impossible inclusion. I hope the Tom Cruise figure sells in the millions.

You mean: "Show me the money"?


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