Sigh Saturn games are already inflated enough, and GS has terrible quality control

Agreed, those prices man... Unless your a desperate collector with money to burn they won't sell

They also buffed the prices on all of this "retro" stuff. I had a cart full of dreamcast games and hardware and it jumped from $100 to $130 overnight.

Looking through the games on the GBC and Gamecube, I find it hilarious that they feel some of these prices are justified. I mean... I admit I recently paid more for Star Fox: Assault than they're charging, at a local shop. However, it had the manual and original case, and I'm pretty sure if it was ever used, it was maybe once or twice. You're taking a real gamble with anything from Gamestop, and the fact they have so many pictures with JUST the disc, it's kinda not giving me any faith that I'm going to get a good, working copy.

I mean, some of these prices are pretty good, if you compare them to eBay and the like, but a lot of them are honestly highly inflated. Not to mention, there are better ways to access many of the games they're selling like this... like... physical copies are great, but when there are VC versions for 1/3 the price Gamestop is charging, or even less, or sometimes even a freaking compilation with the game in question AND MORE, then you kinda need to consider if it's worth buying from Gamestop at all.

But hey, I'm at least happy to see some of these games getting some mainstream circulation again, if nothing else.

You also don't get to see your actual product before you buy it (unlike eBay) so if you're like me and you want cosmetically nice-looking stuff, Gamestop's probably not a good place to get it.

Thu Jun 09 16 01:27am
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I'll wait until the retro gaming bubble explodes and the prices go back to reasonable/normal. I already have plenty of these anyway so let's just wait until those 30 something have their fun, lose interest and move on. Shouldn't be too long now, several of my friends already did.

I could have sworn they Always accepted games from these systems online. In store however, it's a different story. They only accept current and last gen games. I knew I should have bought SF:Assault when I had the chance those years ago at that one shop. I went back a day or two later, and somebody had already bought it. I figured, since nobody would really care about stuff like that, I could wait a day or two. I guess I can get it off of bidding sites or maybe even other online specialty shops; those that actually show or sell full sealed titles.

If anything, the bubble will get bigger; not explode if the new systems fall short, which may very well be the case. This is their fallback, and a wise one. I remember when they used to sell GB carts for about $4 a piece. Got me Dr. Mario's and a couple of PTCG carts. Back in the mid 00's, there was another rise in retro game sales, and that also had to do with the decline and fall of TV rental shops. Best to grab and remember the good times, because the future is bleak.

Thu Jun 09 16 06:05am
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Great! Now its time to collect my N64 & games back!...TTTUUUURRROOOKKKK!


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