The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - live-stream info collection

- Link starts off in the Shrine of Ressurection when he hears a voice telling him to wake up
- Link gets the Sheikah Slate, which is an important piece of tech in the game
- Link can collect clothing items to wear, but can also run around in his boxers
- the Sheikah Slate can activate certain pedestals to open doors and more
- Link can now Jump in order to climb up walls and more
- the subtitle is meant to showcase the world of this new Zelda experience
- Link can collect mushrooms called Hylian Shrooms
- stamina gauge returns
- Link can push boulders down hills to hit enemies and more
- Link can also climb trees
- the Sheikah Slate also shows a map
- Link encounters a strange old man early on in his adventure
- you can grab a tree branch to use as a weapon
- use an axe to chop down trees
- chop logs you've cut to get firewood and start campfires
- Koroks return
- you can find random swords stuck in stones around the environments
- you can use a pot lid as a shield
- weapons can be badly damaged as you fight, and even break
- you can also use spears as a weapon
- you can take weapons from enemies as you fight
- you won't find hearts in grass anymore, but instead, you'll be eating food
- when you get perfect timing in battle, time slows to allow you more hits
- the team used a different approach to music due to the nature of the player being able to go wherever they want
- there are lots of environmental sounds as you explore
- there will also be lots of use of piano in the music
- use the Sheikah Slate as a viewfinder to pin spots in the environment you want to visit, sort of like a GPS
- blue nightshade is scattered around the environment to collect
- the first time you pick up an item, it'll give you info on what it is. After that, no notifications are given.
- when enemies hear a noise, they'll get a question mark above their head an investigate
- you can find ore that you can mine or blow up for resources
- there are regular bombs and square bombs, with square bombs being easier to place
- enemies sleep at night and you can sneak into their camps and steal stuff
- some camps have treasure chests that are locked, and you have to defeat all enemies to open them
- enemies have health bars above them, and you can use the Sheikah Slate to obtain more info on each enemy
- Link will get cold if he's not wearing proper clothing in snowy environments
- if you don't warm yourself, you can lose health
- you can also use the temperature gauge to keep track of how hot/cold an area is
- it gets colder in higher elevations at night
- rain can put out campfires
- Link can use his shield as a makeshift snowboard on snowy mountains, but this degrades your shield
- while surfing on your shield, you can still fire arrows and do other things
- Link's metal weapons can attract lighting strikes if there's a storm above
- over 100 force shrines to visit, and you'll get the paraglider from completing some of them
- there are some villages in the game
- no companion character
- there will be random NPCs scattered about the land
- Hyrule is in a state of decay and degradation
- Ganon will appear in the game
- Wolf Link amiibo will bring in Wolf Link to help Link fight and hunt, but will disappear when his hearts are depleted
- off-TV play included
- cooking Rushrooms will give you a speed boost for a limited amount of time
- the Stasis rune will allow you to freeze certain obtains in time
- use Stasis to lock an item/enemy in place and attack it to build up energy, and then it launches when stasis ends
- you can eat meat raw or cook them to draw out certain elements and strengthen them
- might take an hour for players to get to the first proper dungeon
- you might find bugs hiding in grass when you cut it down
- devs found that giving players a mini-map on screen rather than a constant map on the GamePad made more sense
- you can use cooking to make yourself elixirs, which give Link special abilities
- you can permanently improve Link's stamina throughout the game
- there are multiple ways to prepare food, such as right over a fire, over a torch, in a pot and more
- you can make raw steak and sear it to get more health out of it
- depending on how you cook food, you can get more/less health out of it
- depending on what time of day it is, different fish will be swimming
- you can spear fish, shoot with arrows, bomb them and more
- you can eventually upgrade your items and get more weapon slots
- throwing an almost broken weapon at an enemy and connecting will get you a critical hit as the weapon shatters
- Link will not have voiced dialog, outside of his usual grunts
- the game will feature more voice work, but just how much remains to be seen
- ice pillar rune lets you make ice pillars when water is on the ground
- the edge of the plateau is supposed to be a sacred area where people/monsters don't travel, but that's changing
- the E3 demo doesn't include towns/lots of NPCs because Nintendo doesn't want to spoil story content
- there are warp spots to get around the area, and the plateau sort of serves as central Hyrule
- you can use flint on metal weapons to start a fire
- magnet rune lets you grab things/move them without actually using your hands
- if you get all the spirit orbs in the game, you'll get something special
- some enemies drop ancient screws and ancient springs
- while not always possible, you will be able to collect some arrows you fire
- red and blue enemy variants return, with blue being tougher
- collect arrows fired by enemies
- clubs can be lit on fire for attacks
- axes are big and heavy, while spears are light and fast
- skeleton heads can be shot off, and the body will look for another skull to use
- bow and arrow lets you do jumping slow-motion attacks
- you can fire the bow and arrow on horseback, or jump off the horse to combo into paragliding or slow-mo arrow shots
- some elixirs give you extra heart containers, but these only stick around until you get hit and lose them


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Zelda Elder Scrolls, I'm down with that.

Wasn't there a Zelda timeline where Link died and failed to stop Gannon? Maybe he got resurrected from that. Just a thought.

Zelda Elder Scrolls, I'm down with that.

Jumping huh!?!?

I'm cool with that. This game looks to be the Jump forward fans wanted. Pun intended. Anyhow I'm sure ppl will still find reasons to complain. I've already seen ppl complaining about the world looking empty. Reggie basically confirmed this is the starting area and only a fraction of the actual world. I'm sure it will be filled with stuff.

Looks good.

But...is this and Pokemon seriously all Nintendo is going to talk about today? That's pathetic. What about the NX? What about something, anything OTHER than Zelda for the Wii U? I don't understand even showing up at E3 if that is all they have to offer.

They've already said as much. Don't count on any NX info.

Tue Jun 14 16 02:07pm
(Updated 3 times)

Unfortunately, it is. Guess tomorrow they will stream Tokyo Mirage Sessions. That should cover Nintendos E3.

And it is like I've predicted it, it will become boring dedicate the whole E3 plans to a single Game. It's cool they showed Zelda, I really like the new direction. But a Trailer and 20 minutes Gameplay would be fine. I turn off Treehouse now because I want to explore this myself. If you can even count this as an E3 presentation, guess I can't remembering a more boring E3 in Nintendos history.

There isn't even something for the 30. Anniversary for Zelda. Sony hired an Orchestra to present the return of God of War, everything Zelda got so far is an lame Treehouse Presentation.

And Zelda isn't even launching in '16. Almost their entire E3 presence is based on a game likely a year away, at least (bet it launches with NX next fall). They've gone from the big press conference to the Directs to basically just saying 'ah, f it, let's just show footage from a couple games and call it a day'. I honestly don't understand the point of them even being at E3, if this is all they're going to show and talk about.

Honestly I'm fine with this, this game is fresh enough that it takes a day just to cover the basics

Stat-based equipment, voice acting, and a jump button? Really pushing the envelope there, Nintendo.

This looks insanely good. Like it's basically everything that I wanted it to be.

I'm so happy right now I had no idea they would go that far. They really are blowing expectations away with this.

T Rock tell me U saw the device Link uses in the game to make out communication for the world & items? I bet the NX handheld will look like that in some way. Just like Nin loves to sneak some concept design to their new systems in their games like Luigi Mansion to name one. I just get that same vibe with this one.

Well that would be freaking awesome for sure. I mean for all we know, the game is out for the U and the NX and it seems to be using the gamepad in a fairly consistent way, so there gotta be some kind of replacement to it in the NX version. Good thinking.

Is there any chance we could get all this story information moved behind the jump in the future? I'm sure I'm not the only person trying to avoid getting spoiled on anything outside the trailer.

Just curious, but what story information? This is all just gameplay info?

The first two are story related. However I was also intending to put "and gameplay" into my post, and I thought I had. My phone likes to delete words it doesn't understand.

Wed Jun 15 16 11:11am
(Updated 1 time)

Fair enough.... and these story info are really the first 10-20 seconds of the game... and really the only story you will probably know for the first (couple?) hour(s) or so if what we saw is indicating anything.

Zelda: BoTW looks amazing! The scope of that world... And hello Voice Acting [and no companion!].

I also want the Archer Link amiibo, lol.

During Treehouse, they actually talked about the lack of a companion and that your companion is now Wolf Link if you tap the Amiibo. (And I imagine you can have other similar companions from within the game itself.)

Ahaa, cheers. Just read the article here. Only got in from work a little while ago so am catching up on everything! Smile

So manual jumping in a 3D Zelda, confirmed? FINALLY.

I've only been saying they should add that for basically ever.


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