Nintendo Canada rep says NX info coming in the Fall

Coming from CEO of Nintendo Canada, Pierre-Paul Trepanier...

"We decided to focus on Zelda (at E3). We'll talk about the NX fall. At that time, it will be 100% NX."

This is a Google translation from French, but it seems pretty cut-and-dry. It's not surprising to hear Nintendo will talk NX in the Fall. I mean, the system is due out March. They have to talk about it fairly soon!

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Wed Jun 15 16 09:13pm
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As suspected. Still nice to hear a time frame. Now if only RMC would ban all Daisy pictures from the site.

Edit: Source got deleted?

Now if only RMC would ban all Daisy pictures from the site
This is something I see in a few places over GoNintendo and I don't get it. Where does this joke (...it's a joke, right?) come from?

Daisy is RMC number one waifu, I think!

As someone who could read french, I'd love to see the source to give a better translation, but it was removed...

Wed Jun 15 16 09:21pm
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Let me know what you find!

Pourtant, la logique voudrait que l'entreprise profite de l'occasion pour pousser à fond la remplaçante de la Wii U, connue sous le nom de « NX », qui devrait être mise en marché dans moins d'un an, en mars 2017. Or, celle-ci est complètement absente.

« Nous avons décidé de mettre l'accent sur Zelda », explique le directeur général de Nintendo Canada, Pierre-Paul Trépanier. « On se reparlera de la NX cet automne. À ce moment, ce sera 100 % NX. Là, c'est 100 % Zelda. »

My french may be very rusty, but I could barely make out a statement similar to what the one in this article was. "In the autumn, we'll talk about NX. Now, it's 100% Zelda" Someone who's native to France or Quebec would probably do a better job than me, but that's what I could pick out of those two paragraphs

Wed Jun 15 16 09:50pm
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Yep, that's pretty much it. I could give a more accurate translation, but it wouldn't change the meaning.

[EDIT] Hell, here it is:

« Nous avons décidé de mettre l'accent sur Zelda », explique le directeur général de Nintendo Canada, Pierre-Paul Trépanier. « On se reparlera de la NX cet automne. À ce moment, ce sera 100 % NX. Là, c'est 100 % Zelda. »

"We have decided to focus on Zelda", explain the general director of Nintendo Canada, Pierre-Paul Trépanier. "We will speak together about the NX this fall. At that time, it will be 100% NX. Now, it's 100% Zelda."

Probably mid to late September if they do it like they did the wii u.

Man, Nintendo's holiday sales are going to be terrible.

Nintendo is in a cacoon-like state right now. After enduring the harsh environment and backlash they will emerge into a New Nintendo, one with consistent releases and more true sequels to fan-loved franchises.

Or... they won't.

Maybe. *shrugs*

It'll be something unique.

Actually, Nintendo revealed the Wii U at E3, a year before it's release of Fall that following year. In other words, even the Wii U was given an announcement and reveal longer before the console's release, compared to the NX. Nintendo claims they're going to avoid making the same mistakes they did with the Wii U, well I don't see how revealing it in less than a year later is any better than how they announced the Wii U a year and 5 months before it's release date.

Maybe it doesn't matter how early they reveal it. I'm sure there are more important variables to how well a console sells.

Thu Jun 16 16 01:51am
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Maybe it was a mistake to announce it 17 months in advance? Maybe they feel 6 is smarter?

But Nintendo did a terrible job at letting the public know about the Wii U. It's like only Nintendo followers or those watching E3 knew about it.

E3 was THE time to show your stuff, even if it was just words. The system isn't ready yet, but you had their attention. Some of those who don't currently own a Nintendo console probably checked in to see what Nintendo's up to every year at E3, and they probably did it again with Zelda.

No info until the fall? If not, is it going to be a separate Nintendo event that isn't Tokyo Game Show? If so, you've already lost the attention of millions who had their eyes and ears open at E3.

For Microsoft, they've done it. We know what's coming. We know more about it than the NX. We know that it's going to be powerful, and could be something to delay purchasing plans of those who were probably interested to see that the NX is going to be about. ...and to see that no one's really saying much about supporting it, including Ubisoft, who chose only to say that Just Dance will be there, doesn't help.

Thu Jun 16 16 05:57pm
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Yet Sony and MS did this exact thing on days that were NOT E3 or even close when they announced their recent consoles that are out. Methinks you're giving E3 too much credit.

I'm not saying that it's E3 or nothing, and the difference with those two is that they have a large following already -- their userbase and the media. Nintendo's userbase is much, much smaller, and the media haven't really been covering Nintendo as well as Sony and Microsoft. A Nintendo-only event won't reach as large an audience as E3.

Where did this logo come from?

Today I learned there is a Nintendo of Canada.

I am Québec native. So let's see what he has to say.

« Nous avons décidé de mettre l'accent sur Zelda », explique le directeur général de Nintendo Canada, Pierre-Paul Trépanier. « On se reparlera de la NX cet automne. À ce moment, ce sera 100 % NX. Là, c'est 100 % Zelda. »

As eveyone knows, Nintendo has decided to focus on Zelda 100% for the E3.
Then he says that Nintendo will shift its focus on the NX during the fall and they"ll talk more about it. Whether they'll be upfront about it or not, remains to be seen. Howevee, he seems sure that they will sure all the details we want to know.

That is honestly a very stupid move for Nintendo. They're going to wait until 7 months ahead of release to reveal it? They should give people a year's worth of notice, not a little over half a year before release. Even the Wii U was known of longer, before releasing! Nintendo claims they're trying to avoid the same mistakes they did with marketing the Wii U, avoiding mistakes does not mean making them worse Nintendo, it means avoiding them all together, and replacing the wrong moves with better planning.

But MS and Sony did just that, reveal XBox One and PS4 7 months before release.

But they already revealed info about it ahead of time. They showed tech demos to demonstrate their graphics, and such. The NX on the other hand, we still don't know a dang thing about it, other than Zelda and a stupid Just Dance game being available for it.

No dude, they did that April/May, which was 7 months before their release in November. So it's still the same time frame since NX is coming Spring 2017.

Actually the exact translation is "We'll be talking about the NX before the end of the year. At this time it'll be 100% NX. Now it's 100% Zelda."

So not fall, winter and end of the year more specifically.

That's strange! They must've edited it, because the original quote did mention autumn

Indeed than. It's been edited.

Thu Jun 16 16 10:05am
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I think ot can be a smart move just to keep the hype up. I mean it will stay fresh in our memories before release=keeøing the hype fresh.

Or it could backfire. Anyway, I do see a new Nintendo here. Wonder what it'll be like.

I thought the same, doesn't seem like a traditional move on Nintendo's end. Curious where these little things will eventually lead.

To be honest, I see the NX as a rocky road all the way through. With Kimishima taking role, and apparently more focused on the Japanese market strength and relations, I don't see Nintendo really shining with the new changes till the end of this console.

Tjere I disagree somewhat. I think Kimishima is the business guy and all, but will will resoect Iwata's view on the NX. I reaĺly think this can be intereseting for gamers and developers and even publishers.

Kimishima might push for stronger hardware but still let theIwata-nintendo thing go on...

And now that we know about what Sony and MS are on about they can sirprise us.

I could be vert wrong of course... time will tell.

Well, it was always the likely time for an NX Event / Blow-Out post-E3 [alia Wii U].


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