Harvest Moon: Skytree Village - more details

- town has been going downhill lately and things have fallen somber due to a drought and few apperanaces from the Harvest Goddess
- play as a male or female local farmer
- goal is to restore the town’s seven Skytrees
- another goal is to bring back the Harvest Goddess
- this can be achieved through farming, taking care of animals and finding a partner
- terraforming has returned, but is faster and easier, letting you work with more than one cube at a time
- features more realistic 3D character models
- 3D character models used in dialog scenes as well
- hold the ‘A’ button to highlight one, three, six or nine blocks when farming
- after this, you can move to that selection or peform a digging/raising earth action on all at once
- tilling, planting, watering, and harvesting all use the same method
- you can upgrade your tools to have even more options
- two new camera angles: faux-2D overhead view and a locked-in ‘Farming mode’
- farming mode is a variant of the overhead angle where your farmer will hold their stance and let you strafe along
- also retains the standard 3rd-person free-camera perspective
- press start to choose your views
- at least six bachelors and bachelorettes
- Melanie: red-headed, hot-headed tsundere tailor that will turn fur into fabric
- Jeanne: green-haired, bespectacled herbal doctor who’s brilliant and talented in her trade, but not very confident with the opposite sex
- Elise: an outgoing blonde chef from out of town who’s written with a French accent
- Dean: buff florist; has a combo of tulip apron and boundless horticultural enthusiasm
- Gabriel: gentle, kindly livestock salesman who’s more at ease with animals than people
- Cyril: ponytailed aristocrat from far off lands who’s visiting Skytree Village as part of his grand tour

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It's not a dealbreaker for me, but has there been any information about same-sex relationships? I want the buff florist. lol


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