Nintendo has talked about the idea of Sheik spin-off game, says Miyamoto

Coming from a Gamerant interview with Shigeru Miyamoto...

“Within the development team, too, there have been talks about how it might be cool to have a game that features Sheik as a protagonist. It’s having maybe a Zelda spin-off with Sheik as a protagonist, for example, I don’t think that’s an impossibility.”

That's certainly an idea I'd love to see happen. Let's hope Nintendo decides to take that idea and run with it, rather than putting it on the shelf.


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Thu Jun 16 16 05:47pm
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Or no saving, just pure gob-stomping.

Thu Jun 16 16 04:18pm
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Link have been too much as a main character in almost every Zelda games!
But it's a great time for Zelda/Sheik to have their own game as a main character!

Thu Jun 16 16 04:26pm
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please make this happen with team ninja please! I want a badass Zelda to play with!

I am not against this. Legend of Zelda has been great for years but let's actually play as the name of the character in the title.

I do hope that sheik is in the game though. With what's going on in the game it would make sense if she was in the game.

Thu Jun 16 16 05:00pm
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Please please please make this happen. It would be so awesome playing as Zelda/Sheik during the 7 years Link was asleep.

Where's my Agitha spinoff? (No, serirously, please do not do this).

Jokes aside, heh, sure, I wouldn't be against that.

Pretty sure if Agitha got one it would essentially be what Animal Crossing is right now... Just with more bugs.

Sheik Gaiden! I don't get why they don't just make a 2 in one Zelda and Sheik game. Zelda needs a starring role, and it would be neat to be able to swap between Zelda and her alter ego. Zelda can be mostly used for long distant combat, and puzzle solving, where Sheik is best useful for platforming, close combat, and stealth.

I would also love to see a Metroid game with a similar concept. where you can equip, and disengage from Samus' power suit. Power Suit allows Samus to play in an over the shoulder shoot out form and morph ball, while zero suit allows Samus to have better and faster mobility, better reflexes in evading attacks and traps, allow her to use her beam whip and other neat gadgets, and be stealthy.

Hey, I'd play it. I think there's a lot of potential in the idea of switching between Sheik and Zelda... like you'd have a "magic mode" and a "ninja mode".

I love the sound of that! I hope it happens!

A character-action Zelda/Shiek game with Platinum at the helm? I'll buy three copies of that!

dlc nintendo think about that

Well, if there isn't gonna be any Link / Zelda co-op sections in a main Zelda game, then a Sheik spin-off focusing on Zelda will have to do I suppose.

Sheik needs to be more involved in general. He is definitely a fan favorite.

Fri Jun 17 16 12:17pm
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I've been suggesting this since like 2004. I figured it could combine elements of Prince of Persia, Zelda, and Ninja Gaiden.

One thought would be that it could show Sheik's POV during the events of OoT, and really change and expand the way we view that world and story. But if they did that, it would have to coincide with an NX OoT remake to feel appropriate and relevant, and I think the fanbase would turn their noses up at that right now.

Best to do an original story, or tie it in to BotW. Smile


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