UNCONFIRMED - Mighty No. 9 on Wii U suffers from multiple performance issues

Backer codes are out for Mighty No. 9, which means multiple Wii U owners are giving the game a shot. We're hearing from some sources that the Wii U version of the game is a bit of a mess, with loading times up to 45 seconds long, framerate issues and even some input lag problems. We don't know if this is how the game plays on other systems as well, but we don't believe so. Anyone else out there experiencing the same issues? Thanks to Golfdude and Autosaver for the heads up.

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Tue Jun 21 16 01:14am
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It runs really poorly on all platforms. Wii U specific issues like long load times come from the fact that this version is ported from the Xbox 360 version, not PC, Xbox One, or PS4, and is compounded by the fact that Unreal Engine 4 is not compatible by default with the Wii U, which they knew going into the project.

That said, it's a bad game that has huge issues on ALL platforms.

Wii U version crashes on every level but the fire level, which could just be a coincidence as well.

The PS4/One/PC versions facing minor performance issues is ok, but the Wii U version just being garbage all over is insulting.

Wii U is Power PC and closer to 360 than current gen consoles in specs, so it makes sense to be modeled after 360. Also, it's Unreal Engine 3, not 4, and Wii U does fully support that.

Are there any ways at all for backers to get a refund?
This'll make many people not trust Kickstarter ever again.

I wouldn't go that far - it'll make many people not trust japanese developers on Kickstarter ever again. Yacht Club and Playtonic have and are handling things much more respectably and should be the example, not this trainwreck.

Not trust Japanese developers? Bloodstained seems to be progressing fairly well, not trusting Japanese devs because of MN9 would be a harsh mistake for people to make.

Agreed. I don't see the point of discrediting an entire platform because a single project didn't go very well.

Yeah, it would be as equally foolish as not trusting Kickstarter period. That was kind of my point.

Well sorry if I got confused by your phrasing, it seemed like you were suggesting something else.

I think Jasonmaivia has a point though. Due to the MegaMan connection and the promise of a "proper spiritual successor" there may have been many for whom this Kickstarter was the first (perhaps only?) project they ever backed. Right or wrong, this experience will leave them doubting future Kickstarter projects as well.

Tue Jun 21 16 04:35am
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Was gonna say, Bloodstained and Yooka Laylee are prime examples of a Kickstarter done right (thus far) and should be the how Mighty Number 9 had done as well.

It's incredible how much of a train wreck this game has been, it's actually quite comedic, which in all honesty, I hate to say.

I have never liked Keiji Inafune, sure ... but his games aren't bad usually, I just think he is far too complacent and greedy, he has the mind of a money-making executive rather than a artistic developer and the MN9 and Red Ash Kickstarter fiasco pretty much highlight all the reasons why I, and many others, dislike his practices.

But with that said, I never want a game to "fail" just to spite a developer I dislike, because in the end, the Dev. has your money, and the only ones who suffer are the gamers who buy this crap.

I hope people can enjoy this game in spite of it's apparent flaws, or at least get a well deserved refund.

Agreed, but I don't think people should be entitled to a refund. Kickstarter is for backing projects, essentially you are a small-time investor. Sometimes it pays off and you get a game for much cheaper than its retail price and others it doesn't. The money is spent in development.

All in favor for NX show of hands?

It's amusing because Bloodstained is being developed by Comcept as well, so why people are so trusting of that project when they've screwed up MN9 so much is beyond me.

Maybe with some of the coding problems / bugs but most of the problems with the game are not the grunts fault. It is the director and other core game designers who were in charge of the game. I have a fundamental beef with Kickstarter and therefore never back anything, but I trust Igarashi to do a good job with Bloodstained and the footage so far seems like what I expected. It seems like it will play like the GBA and DS Castlevanias. It's a formula he knows well and seems to be what people wanted more of.

Tue Jun 21 16 09:48am
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That's not quite right. Neither Inafune nor does Comcept have anything to do with Bloodstained. But it's not completely wrong either. Like Mighty No. 9, the developers behind Bloodstained are Inti Creates and like Mighty No. 9, Deep Silver will publish the Title.

Tue Jun 21 16 07:53am
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Kind of disheartening that they delayed this game how many times, but apparently not once was it to make sure it wasn't a pile of steaming crap.

Hooray for multiplatform games where instead of focusing on polishing one game so it's tailored to one platform, like say most games Nintendo makes, you spread yourselves out too thin or farm ports out, and this is the inevitable result.

This is quite a truth for even the more powerful companies out there.


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