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While the peformance numbers are somewhat dissapointing

Says who?

I wonder if we'll see 60fps on NX. Wouls be unique for a 3D Zelda.

Well, they are saying that. =P
I don't think it's that unreasonable to say it's disappointing to see the framerate drop to 20. They do mention that the game is gorgeous and all that, so it's not like they're saying the game sucks now. But looking purely at the framerate, yeah, I can see why some people would think it's disappointing.

It's actually the reason I am holding out for the NX version, hoping the performance is better there

Expect a locked 30 on NX.

Lets hope it's not locked 30 on NX.

I'm afraid I'd be willing to put money on it being 30 locked.

Noticed some definite slowdown issues when watching gameplays and even the trailer. I think it's a safe assumption that Nintendo will figure it out by launch.

I noticed it in the trailer too, which was the most surprising thing. But looking back on it, that was mostly due to the stream.
If you watch the trailer, or even the trailer cut from the presentation, along with Reggie's introduction, you'll notice that it all looks smooth. Watch an (official) recording, however... and you'll see that it stutters. So it must've been the stream being derpy...

Ahh yes, you are correct! You know, I've watched that trailer like 7 times since the original one, but with all of the gameplays I watched and the original viewing of the trailer being the most impactful, the jerkiness due to the stream stuck with me.

Yeah, I think most of the framerate issues will be fixed. I mean, there's, like, 9 months left until the release, so there is plenty (ish) of time to fix that. ^^

I do not mind that much, though. I am used to games having framerate issues these days. I sorta wish games did not try to look so 'gigantic' and such nowdays. They are moving forward faster than they can actually do well with. (mostly the other developers. Nintendo has had very little of that problem)

Framerate has literally never been a consideration to me as being an issue in any game unless it is constant or affects online play (lag).

Actually, stuff like ATs in SSB3DS, where most of the game runs at one FPS and elements run at a lower FPS, is more jarring to me than just everything running at one FPS and dropping sometimes.

I have had no problems with playing Hyrule Warriors Legends on Old 3DS, I will have no problems if this dips a little.

Are we supposed to care about metrics of demos 9 months before launch?

They are usefull sometimes. For example, if the framerate was locked to 20 fps like Hyrule warriors legends on the regular 3DS I would be worried.


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