Devil's Third - online services shutting down on Dec. 29th

- online services being shut down on Dec. 29th
- includes multiplayer and microtransactions
- single player mode will continue to function as normal
- price drop for the game worldwide on June 24th

Japan: from 7 236 Yen to 3 618 Yen
Europe: from €59.99 / £49.99 to €29.99 / £24.99
North America: $59.99 to $29.99

- sale of Golden Eggs on June 27th at 1PM JST / 6AM CEST / 5AM BST / 12AM EST / 9PM PST (June 26th)
- Golden Eggs have to be used within 180 days.

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Thu Jun 23 16 02:03am
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I'll always have a sore spot for Nintendo over this one. Not making a second run when it's obvious demand is there is a crappy thing to do to your customers. But, right, they make more money on the digital copies.

heh, Nintendo did make a second run a long time ago. The physical game has been available for quite some time now and is actually still available. I may even finally get this when they lower the price tomorrow.

So there are copies. Never saw it on shelves anywhere, not even the initial run, obviously.

Maybe next time do some research BEFORE commenting, as it was reprinted and still available.

Killing the servers 1 year later, wow that's pathetic. Terrible game overall, and yes I own it.

Thu Jun 23 16 02:29pm
Rating: 1

Don't appreciate the unfriendly tone. There are humans on the other end of your comments.

Thu Jun 23 16 10:42am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

The game had a second run...

A crappy thing to do were the journalists LYING about the game.

By the way, this game is still worth the price for the single-player alone.

Right now I'm playing Uncharted 2 (and I've just beat Uncharted 1). According to journalists, these are some of the best games of all time... And honestly, Devil's Third is MUCH better. The shooting mechanics are MUCH better, there MUCH more variety in terms of level, weapons and enemy design and the game is overall MUCH more fun and exciting.

Thu Jun 23 16 11:42am
(Updated 2 times)

A crappy thing to do were the journalists LYING about the game.

As opposed to your completely honest appraisal of the game, which is in no way influenced by it being a Wii U exclusive.


That is just too funny.

I'm still not sure why they had to force a crappy single player campaign in this good multiplayer game.

Shutting down the severs already? I guess I better bump it up in my backlog some...

Thu Jun 23 16 07:54am
(Updated 1 time)

10 euros it is then...

...and maybe that's way too much. (you see when you make a MULTIPLAYER game on a console that its online infrastructure pales in comparison with the competition and your game looks like another run of the mill cover based shooter, made popular ELSEWHERE, your business decisions are lacking mr hotshot itagaki.

and SPD helped out on this? Really? That's why we are not getting another waverace and 1080...(actually I stand corrected, its NST who did the above, but still, having nintendo''s own teams assisting on something like this...makes no business sense whatsoever - you make something that is beyond your target audience the game NEEDS TO BE GOOD in order to succeed in expanding that audience)

Hahahaha, and I remember people defending this game just for the online.

really? I was enjoying the multiplayer quite a bit. Just reached level 11. Guess there's not that much people online so that's why they're shutting it down (not worth investing on server maintenance). Though that's enough time for me to play the multiplayer until the point I get tired of it.

I wanted this game ever since I heard about it. I have been waiting for a price drop to get it. I can finally get it now that the price drop is here, but I was really looking forward to the multiplayer. Will the PC multiplayer be shut down too? Can they move the Wii U players to the PC servers?

From what I can tell, they did a brief beta test period of the PC version, but the full game still never released after that.

They should just release an SDK so people can put up private servers on their own.

Thu Jun 23 16 05:32pm
Rating: 1

And with that, this is the Crux of why Cloud based gaming is a BAD MOVE. If they decide for whatever reason to yank a game, it's gone forever and there is no recourse like the viable one that you suggested. And IF we can expect that the NX will do even half of their games based on that model, then I don't think I want to be a part in that.


Lost Reavers full cloud based game & staying the fuck away from it!

That begs the question, who's pulling the plug? Nintendo or Valhalla/Itagaki?

I really doubt Nintendo suddenly decided to shut down the online portion for one and only one game, especially one whose strenght is supposedly on its online.
I mean, if I remember correctly, back on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection days, there were at least DS games that nobody played online, yet their servers were still running.

On the subject of physical copies: I never saw said second-run copies, maybe because in my city nobody wanted this game, you can find first-run copies without much trouble.

Thu Jun 23 16 09:44pm
(Updated 1 time)

Hmm I wonder if NX will continue its services? Better yet, I wouldn't mind if they somehow gave us the option to play it offline with bots? That would make up for this shameful act!


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