Level-5 Vision 2016 will feature new Layton, Inazuma Eleven games

- new Layton title will be revealed
- not Layton 7. Instead a true, proper entry in the series
- will also have a new protagonist, and it’s not Layton’s son Alfendi
- Japanese voice cast list will be full of all-stars from movies
- a new Inazuma Eleven game is in the works
- setting will go back to the era of the first entry, but the protagonist will be a new character
- setting won’t be anything like going to space
- new anime will be made based on the new Inazuma Eleven


A proper new entry?

A new protagonist?

I'm fine with a new protagonist, personally. Hershel got six entire games in rapid succession, plus a feature length film. I liked Alfendi from Layton Bros, but I'm willing to give someone else a shot.

We need Inazuma Eleven's anime in America....LBX went to Nick...got edited...

Yokai Watch went to Disney....got edited rarely...

Take Inazuma Eleven to CN? It could be right there with Pokemon.

I love the good Professor, so I'm sad to see a new protagonist will be taking his role, but change happens.


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