Google creates Sonic 25th anniversary infographic

Now’s your chance to test your Sonic knowledge by taking a spin through our infographic. It’s part of a series, Game Stars (#AdMobGameStars), taking a look at classic video game titles through a Google lens. How fast does he run? What was his original name? Find out below!

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they left out Sonic 06? that's like the only good sonic!


Seems like Lost World was also left out

No Sonic Unleashed, either.

That's because that's not its actual title? It might be a more comfortable title to reference that Sonic game, but I'm sick and tired of hearing that abbreviative being the norm on the Internet, hmph.

(anyway yeah, that is strange)

i know its the real name but if i called sonic the hedgehog people wouldn't know if i was talking about the classic or the 2006 version. it's like the new ghostbusters if i say ghostbusters would you know if i'm talking classic or the 2016 version?

Well, in my opinion there are more ways to make the newer StH game not sound like a convict; you can differentiate the titles from their consoles (original Sonic/Sonic PS3/x360) or you can draw paragons to how they're played (the older is a 2D platform while the newer is more akin to a Sonic Adventure sequel).

That said, I'm well aware that I'm fighting a conflict I've already lost from the start...

First Secret Zone "fact" is incorrect. Dr. Eggman was always known as Eggman in Japan.


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