Nintendo stock sees best one-day move since 1983

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Nintendo is doing some excellent whale hunting! They'll be on the extinction list in no time! The whales, not Nintendo, as they remembered how to make $$$$$$$$.

sitting here happy with my 275 shares of NTDOY Smile bought in at $17.70

I was still in highschool right before the Wii came out. Stocks were about $10 a share. I about bough a few hundred shares because I knew it would be insane...now I really regret not doing it...

Makes me wish I had stocks in the company. Should have used my cash from my last summer job to buy in.

Can't wait to see when the FE and AC games come out. Dare I even say when they also finally reveal the NX?

To be fair, this is pokemon. FE and AC while they have grown in popularity, nothing can trump pokemon.

It's funny how I constantly said that Nintendo needs to get on mobile. Oh look they did and they're doing well. Hmmm.

And yet people reacted so negatively.

But According to what I've been told constantly, Pokemon and Nintendo are two seperate companies.

So which is it? Is it is or is it AIN'T Nintendo?

That said these stats don't count towards Nintendo, but instead towards Pokemon.

Mon Jul 11 16 10:35am
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They are separate, but Nintendo owns 33% of TPC. At a very basic level, they are two different companies (TPC isn't "under" the Nintendo corporate umbrella,) but on top of Nintendo having a stake in TPC, "Pokemon" is also jointly owned between Nintendo and the other companies involved.

Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Creatures, Inc set up The Pokemon Company jointly to maintain, grow, protect and promote the brand. So it's both, they are separate but also completely intertwined.

(While Nintendo has always published The Pokemon games on their hardware, The Pokemon Company is usually the publisher of the mobile apps and games released. That said, Nintendo likely still had a say in things even if they weren't technically mobile titles "from Nintendo.")

So then, the Article is Again complete BS in terms of title accuracy?

No. Nintendo's stock did see a huge rise today.

Mon Jul 11 16 03:16pm
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No I don't think that's the case. Nintendo's stock did see its best day since 1983 and it is due to the success of Pokemon Go. Even though in one sense they are separate companies, Nintendo still stands to profit heavily from anything Pokemon related because it's a joint endeavor.

it is due to the success of Pokemon Go.

1/3rd of TPC, was greater than the combined efforts of ANYTHING Nintendo had before, on its own? What does that tell you about the Power of Pokemon(or about peoples interests)? These are one of those success by association kind of deals.

Okay, that aside, where does this fit in Pokemons best one-day move?
Was this under the same, or was it something else/some other day?


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