PR - Squad Announce Release Date for KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U

Available on PlayStation 4 (July 12th) and Xbox One (July 15th) Wii U Available this Winter

July 11, 2016 - Squad, the developer of the award winning space exploration game Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is happy to announce that the game will be available via digital download on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on July 12th and July 15th respectively, with the Wii U version due this winter.

About Kerbal Space Program
Create your own spacecraft, launch it into space to explore the galaxy, and visit a vast amount of planets; assuming you can get it off the ground!  Once you've made it to deep space, KSP lets you capture asteroids, launch mining programs to find resources across the furthest reaches of the solar system and build space stations around planets you discover.

Kerbal Space Program offers three game modes:

In Sandbox, where you’re free to build anything your imagination can come up with;
Science Mode lets you perform scientific experiments and advance the knowledge of Kerbals to unlock new technologies;
Career Mode, places you in control of every aspect of the space program including crew management, reputation building, as well as embarking on side missions called 'contracts' to earn funds and upgrade your space center facilities.

“Kerbal is awesome!” - Elon Musk, CEO SpaceX

“Kerbal Space Program is a deep, funny, and detailed physics sim that never takes itself too seriously.” - IGN

“An essential sandbox for anyone with an interest in space, rocketry, or explosions.” - Eurogamer

Key Features

Easy to pick up and play for gamers of all ages.
Build anything from simple rockets to a real space shuttle!
Simulate flight with a fully-realistic physics engine that ensures every ship flies and crashes just as it should.
Fly to moons and distant planets using the game’s unique procedural terrain to explore the galaxy.
Send your Kerbals into outer space to become heroes!
Engage in the tycoon-style career mode for your space program.
The Asteroid Redirect Mission was made in collaboration with NASA!

SQUAD is a publisher and video game studio, founded by Ezequiel Ayarza (CEO) and Adrian Goya (COO) in 2008 as a marketing agency specializing in interactive technology development. Following the success of its first award winning game, Kerbal Space Program, Squad is growing proudly in the video game industry.

Created and Developed by Squad.
Ported to consoles by Flying Tiger Entertainment.

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I'm really excited for this after hearing JTS and RawMeat talk about it on the podcast a while back.

As much as I would love to get it for Wii U, it's probably more reasonable to pick it up on PS4. The system has more life ahead of it and I'll at least some Trophies

Meh, the more I see trophies/achievement systems these days, the more is read to me as a buzzword standing for "self-dopamine dose for accomplising x feats in x ways". Sure, it may be a fun way to keep track of a player's progress with the aformentioned behind-the-scenes chemical reactions that make ourselves feel good after any achievement, but nothing beats more that passing an in-game goal you've set instead of the ones set by people who may be getting bored and also add in some extrusive things just to be creative.

If anything, what makes me sad is that when it comes to multiplatforms touching all systems, it seems to be always the big guys first and Nintendo after everyone else, and never the opposite...

Well, it's still an added effect that Nintendo doesn't have. It doesn't matter whether you like it or don't like it (it seems mostly only Nintendo and some PC players don't like it for some reason), but to claim it's not a beneficial feature for those interested is silly. Not really any different than saying Miiverse or Off-TV play is just a buzzword or worthless feature. To each their own.

Mon Jul 11 16 06:25pm
(Updated 1 time)

I'm not claiming that trophies/achievements giving pleasure to people isn't true for everyone; I'm just stating I don't care about that, even by knowing for myself a fringe of how it unconsciously affects people in the background due to random past researches.

(but again, the game getting released this month for Play4/x1 and in a nebulous "duuuuuuuh consider yourselves lucky if you get it before the NX" for Wii U is where my true concerns lie...)


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