Pokemon GO analytics/survey show age of users, time spent playing, weight loss & more

- online conversation volume surrounding the Pokémon brand rose 2,897 percent in June
- that volume increased another 606 percent over the month of June
- between June and July was a “massive shift in the demographic profile of people talking about the Pokémon franchise.”
- prior to the launch, people talking about the brand online were consistently male (80 percent) and teenagers (40 percent)
- since launch, fans are now split evenly with regard to gender
- 25-34 year-olds have emerged as the predominant age group
- on average, players are spending almost two more hours per day outside than they previously did
- sixteen percent of those surveyed play for more than four hours a day
- over 10 percent say they have trespassed to catch a Pokémon
- 4 percent said they have been pulled over by police while playing
- average amount of weight lost is 3.2 pounds
- 44 percent of trainers said they visited a historical landmark for the first time because of the game
- 24 percent said they have visited a religious institution for the first time
- 35 percent said they have never played Pokémon before
- 18 percent of trainers said they would be embarrassed to tell their friends that they play
- 22 percent would be embarrassed to tell their family
- 38 percent of people would be embarrassed to tell their boss
- 21 percent of trainers would rather play Pokémon Go than have sex
- up to 85 percent of trainers have played while driving a car

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Thu Jul 14 16 08:47pm
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What is the source for this data?

also interested in looking at the source.

The last two are the most disappointing.

Pokemon GO is more important!

The last two are the most disappointing.
The last one I understand, but what's wrong with the sex one?

Yeah I demand source for all this! Mostly because I'm a Team Instinct fellah and, yeah.

Also those people must have extra battery packs or chargers. I definitely cannot get anything like that with my S6.

june the wolf
Fri Jul 15 16 12:00am
(Updated 1 time)

wow pokemon Go instead of sex???

poor misguided souls...

(disclaimer: if you are younger than 18, please ignore this comment)

I am 7. What is sex?

sex is love. sex is life.

google it.

Sun Jul 17 16 11:39pm
(Updated 1 time)

wow pokemon Go instead of sex???
poor misguided souls...
What's the problem with that?

if i have to explain to you why, it isnt even worth the discussion.

Assuming this is real, the last tidbit is actually one that's worrisome.


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