Animal Crossing: New Leaf - new amiibo/Splatoon update coming in the fall

- Coming this fall

- Scan amiibo to unlock more content, including Animal Crossing amiibo cards that will unlock people to move into town

- Hints of Splatoon content as there are two squirrels similar to Callie and Marie, as well as other clothing items and furniture based on Splatoon

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Wow, wouldn't have thought it'd still get some updates.
I guess they are doing what little they can until the next generation to keep AC relevant.

YES!!!!!! Yes yes yes yeeeeeedssssssssssss!!!!!!! Thanks for telling me this! Squeeeeee!!!!!!

Wed Jul 20 16 08:13am
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This really boosts the relevance of the cards. I'm already considering buying another pack today. I hope this feature comes to the next version as well.

Completely unexpected, but awesome.

They really should have added new content to Animal Crossing a long time ago. Better late than never. I like the idea of scanning a card to get that particular animal to move into your town... it makes me actually want cards of my favorite villagers.

Wed Jul 20 16 11:17am
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They really should have added new content to Animal Crossing a long time ago.

Except we wouldn't have gotten Splatoon in that case. If you've forgotten or didn't know, the AC devs and Splatoon devs are the same devs. ;)

So this news gives some credit to the rumor of Splatoon x Mario Kart 8 being a thing too. =O It's really unheard of for Nintendo to go back to an old game (three years or older) to give additional DLC support.

There's no reason Nintendo couldn't have gotten another team to work on Animal Crossing DLC.

Didn't it sold very well, as it is? If anything the DLC with Splatoon serve to make a more complete experience. And the one for Mario Kart served to make the biggest showcase of the Wii U even better.

As a non-placyer of AC, I don't see that bringing more people who weren't already in.

At this point, yeah I don't know what new content will do for the game. However I'm happy about it.... believe it or not I'm still playing New Leaf.

Wed Jul 20 16 06:02pm
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Well yeah thanks to the EAD merger with SPD to become EPD and Splatoon finishing its main development in 2015 allowing the new EPD to focus on DLC development among other obligations, EPD has the extra resources to spare now compared to before.

AC: Happy Home Designer was EAD's 2nd Developer Group's final project before EAD's merger with SPD.

Splatoon x Mario Kart 8? I really hope that's true. I always felt like Mario Kart 8 should've had at least 2 more DLC packs.

Emily Rogers is behind the rumor and most people believed we would have seen an announcement this past e3, but it was clarified the rumor says an announcement is due this year, but it doesn't necessarily have had to happen this past e3.

I wanted this but never expected it to happen now! Guess the next big AC got postponed and they had to fill the gap somehow.

OMG! I'm so happy about this! Never expected it! This makes up for not having a proper Animal Crossing on Wii U.


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