Nordic Games confirms Darksiders remaster for Wii U

The following information comes from Nordic Games' Pelle Lundborg...

- will cost 20 Euros
- will have some sort of online interaction, which could just end up being Miiverse features
- will come in both physical and digital format
- due out last quarter of 2016
- new line of Darksiders merchandise coming as well

Thanks to Aliasss for the heads up!

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Oh cool!
Curious to see how it will turn out.

Really interested in seeing what this turns out to be. If it's just a new coat of paint I don't think this game will do well.
If this game is completely reworked then you have my interest.

Sweet, sounds good to me, I'm wondering if they put any effort into it though, I imagine the first game wasn't as solid as the original so it'd be strange to jump backwards.

It doesn't have the loot system at all. Plays more like a 3D zelda fan project. Not a bad game by any means but it's a little clunky.

I wouldn't describe it as clunky, but certainly much more like Zelda than its sequel. The lack of a loot system is actually a plus to me. I haven't finished the sequel, but it was starting to feel like loot grinding, so I lost interest. Played the first one through nearly to 100% completion.

The first one or both?

Isn't the second one already on WiiU?

Yeah, but these are super old. They least they could do is put them together.

Sat Jul 23 16 05:29pm
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Probably just the first one as the 2nd one is already available for the U... lol.. Nevermind, saw that it was already answered.

Sat Jul 23 16 04:32pm
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Will buy.

I know DSII has actually done ok for THQ and now Nordic on Wii U (If I'm not mistaken it's had some legs and sells decent every time they discount it,) but this still sort of surprises me.

I hope people buy it. It's awesome that they are doing this.

Nice. I bought 2 as one of my Wii U launch games, and whilst it ended abruptly, I've heard 1 is generally overall better, so might pick up the Wii U version!

We're getting a...game? A non-indie, non-Nintendo game? In the last year of the Wii U? What? Is...is...is this the real life?

Whoa! The second one is fantastic, and I always wanted to get around to the first. Surprised to hear it didn't have the loot mechanics in play like the second; seems like a completely natural part of the exploration and combat experience. Maybe they're adding it in as an aspect of the remaster, considering they ported the second one everywhere first.

Oh sweet!
Now let's get that last bit of Darksiders 2 DLC squeezed in at the same time, ok?

Darksiders 3 must have co-op. Hopefully we'll get it on the NX.


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